Is the Gay Bar dying??

The has an article about the life expectancy of the Gay Bar. With all good comes bad. As gays get more accepted by society the need to have gay only bars will definitely lesson. However, i do not think that they will ever truly go away. It is a part of our culture. And regardless of acceptance, you want to walk into a place and know that it is filled with your kind. 

When the New York State Senate voted 33-29 to approve same-sex marriage on Friday, June 24, gay and lesbian New Yorkers—and some straight supporters—knew the perfect place to celebrate: They headed to the Stonewall Inn, the gay bar where, 42 years earlier, the modern gay rights movement had been born. Amid the glorious chaos of fire-eaters, drag queens, and spontaneous proposals, older gay couples walked hand-in-hand admiring the scene. The jubilation at Stonewall and on the surrounding streets was a stirring celebration of progress. But I can’t help wondering whether, as gay rights move forward, the gay bar—the place where it all began—may get left behind.

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via The Gay Bar: Is it dying? – Slate Magazine.

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