Homophobe lives life gay man for a year and changes his life…

Timothy Kurek tells Thomas Roberts, how he posed as a gay man for a year to understand the hate he had towards them and it changed him. Awesome!

His change started when a friend of his came out to him and was rejected by her family.

“She broke down one night outside karaoke and told me she had just come out to her family and had been brutally disowned,” Kurek said. “She had been ex-communicated from her entire life, and two words had changed it all…’I'm gay’.”

Kurek who was raised in a homophobic family decided it was time to live the life of a  gay person in order “to learn empathy” and see if there was “any justification in the fear that I had.”

Kurek “came out” to his family, and began hanging out around gay people at clubs, coffee houses and other establishments in Nashville’s “gay-borhood.”

Roberts at one point calls Kurek out on his seemingly superficial approach to living the life of a gay person, asking him how he “validates this to those who wrestle with this for years…and might be offended by what you’ve done, by thinking that simply coming out to your family then going to some bars and some clubs and a bookstore that you actually know what the heck it’s really like to be a gay man living in modern-day times.”

Kurek says “there is no way I could possibly understand what it’s like to actually be gay,” but says his book isn’t “all about what it is like to be gay,” rather “about how the label of gay impacted my external life and how those things kind of altered my faith and challenged my beliefs.”

Offended? No way. How can any gay person be. Every homophobe should do the same thing and see the hate that they are spreading. 

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via Reformed Homophobe Masquerades as a Gay Man for a Year, Writes a Book About It.

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