Former Gay Playgirl Man of the Year, Dirk Shafer Returns 20 years later and he is hotter then before…

Wow! In 1992 at 29, Dirk Shafer was named Playgirl’s Man of The Year. I was barley in my 20’s but i do remember! He then came out after the crowning. Now 20 years later and at the young old age of 49 he is back. I must say i think he looks better now than he did back then. This guy has aged for the better.

Since his PG days Shafer went on to star in Man of the Year about his Playgirl experience and the gay flick “Circuit”. He has since become a pilates instructor in Los Angeles.

‘I posed for Playgirl again as a 20 year anniversary from my first lay out 1992. I’ve got the cover and 12 pages and interview by Lucy Lawless. Hits news stands end of July for August issue. (posing now is a lot different than at 29! Scary!)’

Click here to see some shots from that Playgirl issue. One thing is for sure, we can bet that his dick did not shrink. ;)


via Former Centerfold, Filmmaker Dirk Shafer Returns To Playgirl / Queerty.

  1. vorvon

    hot dude

  2. dirk shafer
    dirk shafer01-07-2013

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    • Izzoiz

      you are still smoking hot! like i said, even sexier now than back then…;)

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