Bulgarian priest calls for gay pride stoning. Honey bring those stones to West Hollywood….

And we will show your ass a thing or two about getting stoned. Starting at Mother Lode a 5 ! :)

Some degerante “Priest” by the name of Evgeniy Yanakiev (say that 3 times fast with a ball gag in your mouth) has called for the stoning of the gay pride parade in Bulgaria and for good measure, the douche said political leaders who support the parade should “drowned in the sea with millstones tied around their necks.”. Organizers have asked the church to stop and condemn the call for violence.

The church repsonded with this lovely little diddy:  calling the parade “immoral” and a “harmful demonstration that violates the rights of Orthodox Christians.” they also warned parents and teachers to keep young people from participating and described homosexuality as “an unnatural passion that undoubtedly harms the personality, the family and the society.”

Yanaki, nobody gives a shit about the “rights” of Orthodox Christians. Because your rights are not threatened. Now, take your hand out from underneath the alter boy’s frock and kneel and pray that  god lets your hate preaching asses into Heaven when that time comes. 

via Bulgarian church plea as priest calls for gay pride stoning | Gay Star News.

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