5th grader not allowed to enter Marriage Equality speech contest, Principal says inappropriate…

Seriously? Wtf?

A New York City fifth-grader who won a class competition with a speech endorsing marriage equality won’t be able to deliver it in the school-wide contest.

The principal of P.S. 195 in Queens said Kameron Slade’s topic is inappropriate and this week told him to choose another one, according to Kameron’s mother, who declined to be identified further, online news channel NY1 reports.

I think the principal needs to be schooled in bigotry…Calling the ACLU…

via Student Not Allowed to Enter Marriage Equality Speech in Contest | Advocate.com.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac06-16-2012

    And exactly how can a topic which is on the president’s lips, and all congress, and the press, and TV, and radio, and the internet, and is a matter of much legal discussion, and is a legal thing in NY state and city possibly be “inappropriate”? Egad, these are future citizens of teh US, a topic of public import is certainly appropriate. Sue the principle.

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