Lawsuit filed against Students, school employees for ignoring gay bullying…

Lawsuit brought against a Jefferson County middle school claims bullying and gay bashing  led an 11-year-old boy to try and commit suicide…

The 11-year-old joined the cheerleading squad at Thomas Jefferson Middle School several months ago.

Attorney Teddy Gordon says that’s when the bullying began. “He was encouraged and recruited to try out for the cheerleading team so they could have gender bias on the cheerleading team,” said Gordon.

The lawsuit details months of homophobic slurs that followed.

“He was the recipient of the worst slurs in the world. They put stuff on his shoes,” explained Gordon, “The teachers, the counselors, the principals, although they knew about it and witnessed it, did nothing. Did nothing to prevent it, did nothing to protect it.”

In all, 14 students and 9 school employees are named in the lawsuit. One teacher is even accused of calling the boy “gay” and saying he, “acts fruity a lot.”

Gordon says the school ignored numerous complaints. “Two of the staff members or some of the staff members actually said, “Well, if you didn’t yell and scream as loud as a cheerleader, they wouldn’t think you’re gay,’” said Gordon.

their asses should be fired…

The kid tried to commit suicide by taking taking a bunch of his mothers pills. fortunately he was not successful and has recovered. he is being home schooled.


via Students, school employees named in gay bullying lawsuit | Louisville.

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