Elton John Throws Hissy Fit on Stage…Grow Up…

Onstage at Caesars Palace’s Colosseum in Las Vegas, John allegedly threw a tantrum. Norm Clark of the Las Vegas Review-Journal said:  ” a watery mess onstage and tossing a stool while hinting that heads were going to roll. Stagehands had to repeatedly come out and mop up water from the stage after John intentionally splashed water from his container four times.”

Clark quotes a “backstage spy” who says the Rocket Man was “angry at his management team” and that the next day someone was getting “[bleeping] fired.”

The show reportedly started 20 minutes late and ended 25 minutes early, and it may have even been filmed for a concert video.

If this is true, here is all i have to say, GROW UP! there are people being hanged in Iran for being gay, gay kids killing themselves because of bullying and vicious bigoted attacks on gay people all over the world. So to have a prima donna hissy fit on stage because shit did not go right is pathetic. ” Tantrums and Tiaras’  behavior is beyond passe…

via Elton John Throws Hissy Fit on Stage in Las Vegas | Advocate.com.

  1. jack

    Though i understand there are more pressing issues as you presented but as a close source his tantrum had nothing to do with his sexuality it was over his management problems

    • Izzoiz

      i never said it had anything to do with his sexuality, my point was that there are bigger issues going on in the world, i used gay issue because he can relate to them being that he is gay. so to have a hissy fit over management problems or whatever the reason is inconsequential considering.

      by the way, a close source? love it. tell me more! i appreciate your comment.

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