Church Threatened After Posting Anti-Gay-Marriage Sign…

St. Francis Xavier in Acushnet MA. decided to “tell the world” what their stance on gay marriage was, after Obama came out in support of it. So they posted this message on their sign.

“Two men are friends, not spouses.”

The church has notified the po po because they have now recieved threatening voice mail massages about their church being burnt down. 

The head of pastoral services put it up because,”he thought it’d be a good chance to make sure everyone knew where the Catholic Church stands on the issue of same sex marriage,” explains Monsignor Gerard O’Connor.

He says it was a response to President Obama going public with his support of gay marriage.

“That’s what the church teaches,” says O’Connor. “We understand people disagree with us, but we do it out of love. We never said we hate anybody.”

Note to O’Connor, discrimination is hate and love is accepting everyone for who they are and believing in equality. Incase you did not know, Gay Marriage has be legal in MA for 8 years, give up the ghost and grow up…

The church removed the message after several people showed up to protest.

via Acushnet Church Threatened After Posting Anti-Gay-Marriage Sign « CBS Boston.

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