Victim of alleged Vancouver gay-bashing, denies he lied…

VANCOUVER — The alleged victim of a homophobic attack in downtown Vancouver is denying he falsely accused a pair of Richmond, B.C., brothers of “gay bashing,” court heard Wednesday.

Peter Regier told the court he and his partner David Holtzman were subjected to a “barrage of homophobia” before brothers Parminder Singh Peter Bassi and Ravinder Robbie Bassi allegedly beat the gay couple outside their apartment.

Holtzman and Regier suffered concussions, cuts and bruises in an assault on June 12, 2010.

Court heard the couple had returned home to find a man urinating on their apartment building. He was asked to stop, and when he refused, Regier started to take photos with his phone. The man became angry and charged at Regier, struggling to take the phone before beating Regier, court was told. Shortly after, a second man attacked Holtzman, court heard.

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