Penis packing weed….

Two of my favorite things: Dumbass criminals and dick…

An alleged drug dealer standing in the station with 89 bags of dope hanging from his penis was not one of them. Until Friday night, when he met Ray Woods.

Eiserman said a police officer was on routine patrol Friday when he pulled Woods over for a broken rear light and found marijuana in his car. When the officer searched Woods before placing him in the police cruiser, he discovered “a large bulge” in the front of his pants, Eiserman said.

“He stopped him for the traffic violation, and one thing led to another,” Eiserman said.

At the station, Eiserman said, police discovered that Woods had tied a large plastic bag around his penis that contained 89 small bags of suspected heroin and cocaine. Then things got messy.

“I tried to remove it. Unfortunately, and I don’t know if it was nervousness or not, but he started urinating all over,” Eiserman said.

And hes into water sports too!

“I’ve seen it down their pants, in their ass, but I’ve never seen it tied to their penis,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it. I guess they figure the police officers aren’t going to check down in that area.”

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