NOM’s Maggie Gallagher denies marriage rumor: No wedding ring because of Arthritis…Sure Honey….

Gallagher is denying that she  not married, getting divorced or has never been married by saying that she does not wear a ring cuz she is arthritic…Is that why Brian Brown doesn’t wear a cock ring?

Fred Karger, the only gay Republican presidential candidate,  asked in an open letter blasted Thursday to his list of media contacts and email newsletter subscribers.

“To the best of my knowledge — and I think I would know better than Fred — I am not getting divorced any time soon,” she told The Advocate.

Gallagher, whose first son was born in 1982, says it’s a matter of public record that she married Raman Srivistav in 1993, and they had a son in 1995. The family lives together in a suburb of Washington, D.C.

One of Karger’s main suspicions about the reality of Gallagher’s marriage, he wrote, is that Gallagher doesn’t wear a wedding ring.

Gallagher confirmed she doesn’t wear one and said it’s merely because “a few years ago, I developed arthritis-like conditions in my knuckles” and ”the ring seemed to make the joints worse.”

via Maggie Gallagher Rebuts Rumor About Her Marriage | Politics | The Advocate.

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