Nick Gruber, Calvin Klein’s Ex-Boy Toy/Porn Model busted for blow and assault…

Calvin’s former, or at least the is what the reports say, “obsession” former porn “model” Nick Gruber was arrested for cocaine possesion in NY early this morning. Apparently he got into some kind of bitch fight with a 29 yr old male and allegedgly hit him in the face. A witness called the popo.  According to TMZ.

At the scene Nick was arrested for missy misdemeanor assault after the fuzz saw a cut on the other guys face. Gruber apparently started swinging his arms in the air and reached into his pockets. At the station the cops strip searched him (hot) and found the “china white” on his person.

11:59 AM PST — Moments ago, we shot Nick being escorted out of a NYPD precinct in handcuffs. He was placed into the back of a waiting cop car. He’s most likely headed to central booking … to complete the arrest process.

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