Must Watch: Man spent 6 years injecting Silicone into his penis…Wtf?

For reasons that are unclear, over a six year period this guy was injecting silicone into his penis and by the looks of it, his lips too. He is unable to have sex or oral sex, after you see it, it is quite obvious why. Their ain’t no power bottom in the world that could handle that. He claims he has no regrets because lord have mercy he is out to change how the world views a penis! He’s on a mission from god to challenge people on what a penis should be…

Um, not that i am one to judge, but i think that he should be on a mission to seek mental help. That deformed penis challenges NO one on what a penis can or should or blah blah blah look like. No guy would rather give up sex to have a cock that big to “challenge” people. 

This gets filed under WHAT THE FUCK?

there was no code to post the video so click link below to view it. But remember NSFW…Actually does NSFW even matter anymore, when everyone has a smart phone?

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