Kathy Griffin Says she won’t be nice on her new talker!

We would not expect anything else…

Kathy Griffi’s new talker premieres next Thursday on Bravo and according to her it is no holds barred. And we can’t wait!

In an interview with the L.A. Times published Wednesday, Griffin said, “Of course I’m a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker. But when I think about sitting across from (her), how could I possibly say the shit that’s in my head when I know I’m going to offend them or one of their best friends? This has to be a place where nothing is off the table. I’m so evil, I’m making fun of the guy with a speech impediment from Bachelor Pad because I’m fascinated that there’s a guy with a speech impediment who just can’t stop going on reality shows.”

Instead, Griffin says she will have “a panel of civilians” that she describes as regular people like her mom, who is “opinionated and super funny,” and a screenwriter whose sister is a dog trainer for Cesar Milan.

via Gay.net – Kathy Griffin Says New Talk Show Will Be a ‘Sh*tstorm’.

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