Judge will not dismiss lawsuit against anti-gay attorney…

Remember the nut case (now former) Michigan state attorney who harassed University of Michigan student Chris Armstrong because he was gay and the president of the student government ( and probably wanted to teabag him but was rebuffed)? Well a judge decided not to dismiss the lawsuit against idiot. Good. I hope he gets convicted… 

Deborah Gordon says the decision by Judge Arthur Tarnow means the civil case against Andrew Shirvell will go to a jury trial.

He’s the former assistant attorney general who was fired in 2010 after criticizing Christopher Armstrong, especially on an anti-gay blog, Facebook posts and during visits to the University of Michigan.

The lawsuit accuses Shirvell of causing emotional distress for Armstrong. Gordon says the judge ruled Monday after hearing arguments.

An email message seeking comment was sent to Shirvell, who lives in North Babylon, N.Y.

via Trial likely in lawsuit against anti-gay attorney | The Detroit News | detroitnews.com.

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