“Gay Rights” Vandals hit church with known for it’s anti-gay views…

Vandals attacked a Southeast Portland church known for its conservative views on homosexuality, and church leaders said the damage is in the thousands of dollars.

Someone taking responsibility for the damage sent an email to local media, claiming the vandalism at Mars Hill Church on Southeast Taylor was the work of a gay rights group.

The vandals broke century-old stained-glass windows.

You know how i have no tolerance for religious groups that promote an anti-gay agenda, however i do not condone vandalism of any kind  regardless to who is on the receiving end.  Gays do not fight like that. We use our voices and take it to the courts. This type of behavior is low rent and does not move people to support us. 

I can only hope that it was truly not a “gay group” that did this and just some thugs who used our good name in a bad way…

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