Erik Estrada CHIPS Photo With Gay Slur Found on APD Supervisor’s Desk…

ATLANTA – City officials have confirmed to FOX 5 that a photo containing a gay slur was found on the desk of an Atlanta police supervisor.

In the wake of a recent controversy when gay bar patrons were harassed by Atlanta officers during a raid, city leaders say they are disgusted by the revelation of the photo.

The photo, which was sent via email to FOX 5, shows a gay slur written below actor Erik Estrada of “CHiPs” fame. The photo was on a desk of a supervisor in the Atlanta Police Department’s special operations section. It is not known who put the photo on the desk.

“I’ve worked with this particular supervisor for a number of years. It’s not something I would expect of this supervisor at all,” said APD Deputy Chief Renee Propes.

No word from Poncho yet…

via Photo With Gay Slur Found on APD Supervisor’s Desk.

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