Douchebags of the day: Catholic Diocese Bars Alum From giving Graduation Speech Because He’s Gay…

Just when you thought you could not dislike the Catholic Church anymore…It amazes me the hate, discrimination and arrogance  that they get away with promoting when they are protecting child fucking priests. They should really be brought up on charges. If they were promoting racism or anti-antisemitism they would be shut down in a minute…

An alumnus of a Catholic high school in Michigan who was supposed to speak at his alma mater’s graduation recently learned that his invitation was revoked once school administrators learned that he is gay.

New York City-based actor Dominic Sheahan-Stahl was to speak at Sacred Heart Academy in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., where he graduated in 1998. His youngest brother William is also in this year’s graduating class.

Principal Denny Starnes announced Friday that he supports the actor, but must abide by the Catholic diocese’s decision to bar Sheahan-Stahl from speaking at the commencement ceremony. William said that the student body expressed support toward his brother, as well. Sheahan-Stahl said he plans to still attend the graduation to support his brother, and he told theSaginaw News that he will give his address at Central Michigan University on May 20 after the gradation ceremony.

via Catholic Diocese Bars Gay Alum From Graduation Speech | Youth | The Advocate.

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