Cops investigate Possible Hate Crime. Mans vehicles burned, anti-gay slurs painted on house…

Investigators are considering a hate crime as a motive as two vehicles burned overnight in Lemmon Valley.

“I’m more scared for him, if it was a hate crime, I’m more scared for my stepson.” says James Cranfield who lives in the house on Fir Drive.

Cranfield says his neighbor woke him up and told him his two cars were on fire in the driveway.

Without really thinking he says he and the neighbor drove the two remaining cars to safety.

While investigators aren’t telling us how the fire started, Cranfield says the spray painted, anti-gay messages just added insult to injury.

He believes all of this could be directed towards his stepson whose been having trouble at his high school recently.

“We just, you know, want to make sure he is safe and nothing happens with him,” says Cranfield.

Deputy Armando Avina with Washoe County Sheriffs Office says the department is working with fire investigators to find out who did this.

While arson could be charged as a felony, the remarks left behind carry a penalty with them as well–misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors.

“The public needs to understand that yes we do have freedom of expression and freedom of speech, but when it comes down to another person feeling threatened, threatened for their safety and threatened for their life, almost harassed and terrorized, that’s when it becomes a crime,” says Avina.

If you have information, contact Secret Witness at 322-4900.

via Possible Hate Crime Investigated in Lemmon Valley.

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