California: 18 Men Arrested In Bathroom Sex Sting in Manhattan Beach…

18 men have been arrested in  a number of undercover beach restroom stings in Manhattan Beach.

Los Angeles County Lifeguards alerted Manhattan Beach police to unusual activity taking place at a public bathroom located at Marine Avenue at The Beach, authorities said.

“The same men were frequently using and returning to the location, and men were loitering in the area as well as inside the restroom for long periods of time,” Stephanie Martin of MBPD said.

Lifeguards and maintenance staff also found graffiti that depicted “graphic sexual images as well as holes that were drilled in the partitions of the bathroom stalls,” Martin said.

Manhattan Beach detectives began monitoring websites and chat rooms where discussions about the “Marine Bathroom” were taking place and determined the restroom was being used as a meeting place for sexual activity, police said.

Note to Larry Craig wannabees, do not post your activities on the internests…Hello.

But all kidding aside, if you click the link below, they have posted photos of the men who were arrested. I have to say i do not agree with this and think it is wrong. These men did not engage in sex with a minor or any forcible sex act upon another person. It was all consensual. 

via 18 Men Arrested In Sex Sting At Manhattan Beach Public Restroom « CBS Los Angeles.

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