Author of Self Help Book for Gay Men, commits suicide…

In a thought-provoking piece, the Times tells the story of therapist Bob Bergeron, age 49, who was writing “The Right Side of Forty: The Complete Guide to Happiness for Gay Men at Midlife and Beyond.” The book’s release has been canceled in the wake of news about Bergeron’s suicide.

The note he left behind was written on the book’s cover page: “It’s a lie based on bad information.” An arrow pointed to the book’s title, according to the report.

Bergeron had talked often about his age and whether it marked the end of happiness. “Thinking that 50 is the new 35 potentially leads us to behave inappropriately, instructing men to act like a 35 year-old,” he said in an online complaint about the supposedly inspirational notion that 50 is as good as 35. “It also sets up the 50 year-old for failure as he tries to compete with 35 year-old gay men because he’s been told 50 is the new 35. I really don’t see how this helps an older man or assists in bringing him happiness.”

via Author of Self Help Book for Gay Men Stuns Friends With Suicide | News | The Advocate.

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