Want to email Kirk Cameron and tell him what you think of his gay hate?

Anti-gay hate group the The American Family Association has called out to their zombie hate followers and told them to email Cameron to show him their support for his homophobic comments. But back2stonewall has a much better idea…hit up link below and see what they have in mind….No expressing your opinions is a terrible thing to waste…;)

[email protected]

via The American Family Association Wants Us All To Email Kirk Cameron. Okay, Here’s His Email Address!.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac03-10-2012

    Well, so I emailed the man, and told him to stop slandering me and my family. To stop attacking me and my family because we do not think as he does. Then I posted my email to him to my blog. We can all play this game of “expressing our opinions.”

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