“ToMyUnbornChild… I’ll put a bullet in your damn skull” (if you turn out gay)…

we live in a sick world. These are tweets from @homophobes account on twitter, which tweets anti-gay hate to all of its followers. 


This kind of hate speech has most recently come from “To My Unborn Child” trending topic, which soon turned into a disgusting ranting space for anti-gay bigots. The Twitter account @Homophobes (which retweets public homophobic tweets to its 4,500 followers) created a post at Storify (a site where users can bundle tweets onto one page and add commentary to create a story) to document over 100 tweets of mostly young men and women saying they would murder their future child if he or she was gay.

rest of story over at:

via Gay Politics | AMERICAblog Gay: “ToMyUnbornChild… I’ll put a bullet in your damn skull” (if you turn out gay).

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  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac03-15-2012

    Threatening to murder people is a crime. As these people get more chutzpah in expressing their murderous rages, particularly as they are encouraged by religious and political figures, then the police will find it easier to come after them for the threats. Frankly, I hope their anti-gay rage steps up to the point where the authorities actually pay attention to this rather than simply consider it free speech or some religious warbling about sin.

  2. Badge Society
    Badge Society03-15-2012

    These people are really sick.

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