Sandra Fluke blasted by Right wingers for Supporting LGBT Health Care…

What a couple of days it has been for Sandra Fluke. First Limbaugh makes disgusting remarks about her now the right wingers are after her because of her support for LGBT health care…

After having been slandered by Rush Limbaugh for her congressional testimony on women’s health and contraception, Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke is being lambasted by other right-wingers for supporting insurance coverage of LGBT-specific health needs, such as gender-reassignment procedures.

Stephen Gutkowski, a blogger for the ultraconservative Media Research Center, wrote a post this week saying Fluke is “pushing some rather radical ideas,” based on an article she coedited for the Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law’s 2011 annual review issue.

via SheWired – Right Wingers Lambast Sandra Fluke – This Time for Supporting LGBT-Specific Health Care.

  1. BosGuy

    Sandra with regards to Rush I have one word for you “Libel”…. Sue his friggin pants off and don’t settle out of court. Drag this out and get every dime you can.

  2. Rob

    It will be so interesting to hear what Fluke has to say after Obama loses the election. Romney will most likely completely change health care for the better. Looking forward to this change.

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