Pa. House stops Constitutional Marriage Ban…

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A proposed bill to constitutionally ban same-sex marriage in Pennsylvania was blocked and killed by the state’s GOP-dominated House of Representatives.

Equality Pennsylvania thanked legislators for putting an end to HB 1434, which it called “mean-spirited and nonsensical.”

via Pa. House Puts Brakes on Constitutional Marriage Ban | News | The Advocate.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac03-14-2012

    And in Ricky Santorum’s home state too — well, you see, all this anti-gay rhetoric is beginning to blowup in the blowhards’ faces. People are evolving faster than the politicians, and those mean spirited politicians are being shunted further into the “oh shut up” fringe. WHich is why I’m not really worried about all teh anti-gay mush – -and in fact, I hope the most anti-gay get more vocal. I hope they step up their calls for genocide and extermination and forced cures and incarceration. I hope they get so vocal that they split their spleens in venting their hate, and then it’ll all be over. And the more vociferously anti-gay these creeps get the more rational people are saying: you are out of your minds.

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