Maryland Governor Signs Marriage Bill…Bigots vow to over turn it…

Maryland governor Martin O’Malley signed the marriage equality bill Thursday as opponents of the law prepared their push for a referendum this fall.

O’Malley, who made the bill a priority this session, held a signing ceremony in Annapolis one week after the Senate passed the bill in a 25-22 vote. Lawmakers and advocates attended the event, which marked the culmination of a two-year campaign that included the decision to pull the bill from a vote in the House of Delegates last year due to lack of support.

The bill signing makes Maryland the eighth state plus the District of Columbia to legalize same-sex marriage. The law is not scheduled to take effect until January, after opponents are expected to challenge the measure on the November ballot.

And get this, NOM and Maryland Marriage Alliance, blatantly said they plan to use the black community to help them over turn gay marriage. How disgusting are these people, to say that they are going to use the black and catholic communities to get what they want. And how stupid and ignorant will both these groups be if they fall for it…

via Maryland Governor Signs Marriage Bill | News | The Advocate.

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