Ewan McGregor ‘Flattered’ That straight comedian Louis CK Would Go Gay For Him…

Gingerman Louis CK would let Ewan f**k him, he’s so beautiful… 

Stroumboulopoulos had pressed McGregor about Louis CK’s professed “man crush” on the “Trainspotting” hunk. “The one guy I would blow based on who he is Ewan McGregor,” the heterosexual comedian said during a stand-up act, as seen in this video. “Jesus Christ, he’s f**king beautiful! Like, seriously, I’m not gay in any other way, except I wanna f**k that guy right in the face…I want him to f**k me!”

McGregor:”I’m flattered…I like it very much,”

via Ewan McGregor ‘Flattered’ That Louis CK Would Go Gay For Him: VIDEO.

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    Badge Society03-08-2012

    I love Louie C.K. His show on FX is real funny.

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