Douchebag of the Day: Cardinal Keith O’Brien Gay marriage is like slavery…

These people are just so dumb that sometimes i really have nothing to say…Okay that’s not true ;)

BRITAIN’S most senior Catholic has condemned gay marriage as an “aberration”, likening it to slavery and abortion.

Cardinal Keith O’Brien said countries which legalise gay marriage are “shaming themselves” by going against the “natural law,” and should not consider their actions “progress”.

In a series of controversial comments, he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that if same sex marriage were legalised, “further aberrations would take place and society would be degenerating even further than it already has into immorality.”

In an article he wrote for Sunday Telegraph he tried to compare gay marriage to slavery.

He wrote: “Imagine for a moment that the Government had decided to legalise slavery but assured us that ‘no one will be forced to keep a slave’

Wtf? That does not even make sense. All media outlet should not give these scums a platform to write this stuff…

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