Donald Trump Jr. Kills defenseless animals and is proud of it…And it’s all for the people…

Donald Trump Jr. says he bears NO SHAME for slaughtering a bunch of exotic animals in Africa last year … claiming all of his kills were used to feed local villagers.

Trump has come under fire for his killing of defenselessness animals…

Now, Trump Jr. is DEFENDING the hunt on Twitter … writing, ” I have no shame about [the pics]. I HUNT & EAT game … I’m a hunter, for that I make no apologies.”

Well he is right about 2 things, Trumps have no shame about anything and certainly make no apologies for anything. I.E. Donald Sr.’s anti-gay marriage stance…

He explained, “I can assure you it was not wasteful … the villagers were so happy for the meat which they don’t often get to eat. Very grateful.”

“These are not endangered animals as an fyi.”

Nor is the Trump name unfortunately…;)

I think it’s time for a new episode of “when animals attack” wink wink…

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  1. lucifer

    The rich think they are above the law, I really hope one day that he gets trampled.

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