Dharun Ravi sent texts “keep the gays away”

This idiot should have taken the plea deal…Dharun Ravi’s friend testifed in his trial for spying on roommate Tyler Clementi that Ravi sent texts saying “keep the gays away” .

Michelle Huang’s friend Dharun Ravi told her in a text message after his roommate, Tyler Clementi, killed himself that Mr. Clementi was quiet and had no friends, “so I guess it makes sense.”

Mr. Ravi said in a text message to Ms. Huang, whom he had known since high school, that through his webcam he had seen Mr. Clementi being intimate with a man he described as “older and creepy and definitely from the Internet.”

That man, a 30-year-old known publicly only by his initials, M.B., testified on Friday that he did meet Mr. Clementi online. Upon visiting him in his dorm room, M.B. said, he noticed a webcam pointing at him from atop Mr. Ravi’s desktop computer.

In a text message, Mr. Ravi told Ms. Huang: “I got so creeped out after Sunday.” Ms. Huang suggested that Mr. Clementi and his date might use Mr. Ravi’s bed, and Mr. Ravi replied, “My webcam checks my bed, hahaha.”

He then wrote, “Yeah, keep the gays away.”

via Dharun Ravi Wrote of Wanting to Keep ‘Gays Away’ – NYTimes.com.

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