Bret Easton Ellis Calls Dharun Ravi Trial a Witch Hunt and that he was bullied…

Oh Dear, i am sure these comments are going to get people in a huff. Bret Easton Ellis was at his twitter again posting about the Dharun Ravi trial (Ravi is on trial after his gay roommate Tyler Clementi killed himself when he found out Ravi video him in a sexual encounter with another guy) Ellis believes Ravi is a victim of a witch hunt and that basically, people should get over being bullied. After all he did.

In a series of tweets sent yesterday Easton writes: “Dharun Ravi might be a jerk but if a jury convicts him because Tyler Clementi killed himself then the US justice system is seriously fucked…If Tyler Clementi had not killed himself we would have never heard of Dharun Ravi. This is a witch hunt pure and simple and it sickens me…Bullying=Suicide? Personally I blame the parents and an entire culture that indulges a childproof world where pain and losing doesn’t exist….I was bullied. It was awful. But I learned a lot. I learned how to cope. It taught me things: people are cruel, the world sucks. I grew up.”

Oh Bret, we need you to focus on Patrick Bateman because we are “dying” to find out all of the people he has killed since 1991…Omg, it’s been that long?

via Bret Easton Ellis Calls Dharun Ravi Trial a Witch Hunt | News | The Advocate.

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