Anti-gay douchebag Bradlee Dean tells School Assembly most gay men die by 42 and you are not born gay…

This is insane!

Students at an Iowa high school got a strange surprise at an assembly last week.

Leading the assembly was Minnesota-based Christian rock band Junkyard Prophet, a group closely affiliated with You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International (abbreviated to the still laughably long YCRBYCHI), a Christian youth ministry.

In the clip above, Junkyard Prophet frontman (and drummer) Preacher Bradlee Dean uses his sweet assembly platform to drop some serious anti-gay and anti-choice messages on his captive student audience. (That’s captive in the literal sense; according to witnesses, kids who walked out during the presentation were shouted at and ridiculed for behaving disrespectfully.)

In addition to informing his young listeners that most gay men will die by age 42, Dean also spends a couple minutes analyzing the lyrics to a Lady Gaga song which, let’s be real, we’ve all done with our gay friends. Later, he divided the students up by sex and told the girls that they “would have mud on their wedding dresses” if they were not virgins at the time of their marriage. The presentation also featured pictures of aborted fetuses, because of course it did.

The statement that most gay men die by the age of 42 is a complete LIE. And this douchebag knows that. Why did school adminstors not interrupt this asshole and stop this?

via School Assembly Devolves into Surprise Anti-Gay Anti-Choice Bash Fest.

  1. Allen

    Well I am past that age and so is my partner. This guy is out of his mind!!

  2. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac03-14-2012

    Why did the school administrators even allow into the school in the first place a man who is on record as saying gays should be “Exterminated”? That’s a more interesting question than “why didn’t they stop it.” Why did they let it begin? Google “Bradlee Dean Kill Gays” and one finds a plethora of sites where he’s on record as “Kill the gays.” Oh, I hope this man gets the nation attention he needs, and all the politicians who ever comported with him get a bit of questioning about why they would be meeting with a real live genocidal maniac. Dean could actually do more for gay people than all of what we say, that’s for sure — simply by constantly repeating his “exterminate” the gays message more loudly and more clearly and more openly than he ever has before. Go for it Dean, ratchet up your rhetoric dude, make my day!

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