The dirty little Prop 8. attorney’s will be filing a request for a full 9th circuit review of the the ruling…

Not that this is a surprising move by any means. We knew the bigots were not going to back down. However this only means it’s probably another year before there is an answer or at least 6 months at the minimum and all these people are being denied their right to marry the person that they love. It is just beyond wrong and disgusting. They should lift the stay…Period…

Metro Weekly reports that Charles Cooper, lead attorney for the proponents of Prop 8, has informed them that his team will ask the full 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to review the 3-judge decision that earlier this month struck down the marriage ban as unconstitutional.  Metro Weekly breaks down what happens next:

Usually, en banc review involves all of the active judges on the court, but the Ninth Circuit — due to the more than 20 active judges on the circuit — has adopted a unique “limited en banc” procedure in which all the active Ninth Circuit judges vote whether en banc consideration will be given. That will be the request made by today’s filing.

If a majority of the court supports en banc consideration, then the chief judge of the circuit, Judge Alex Kozinski, and 10 randomly selected appellate judges from the circuit will hear the en banc appeal, which can involve briefing and oral arguments.

Cooper told the publication his team would make the official filing later this afternoon, before today’s deadline for rehearing.

via Prop 8 Trial Tracker.

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