So long my first born….

The other day i posted about my beloved Gino passing away from congestive heart failure. It was a complete shock for we did not even know he had any heart issues. But there is a bit more to this story. his brother Vinny my other little griff, had been diagnosed with cancer last October and we were told he had about six months left on his life. So over the course of those months i have mentally prepaired myself for the inveitable. And i was. In Gino’s case, being 11 I expected a few more years of him in my life and most of all to be there with his sister Pepsi. Well unfortunatley that was not to be.

However, when we got the news about Vinny, it killed me to think of him crossing over alone. And Gino left behind looking for him. They have been together since the beginning of their lives. Gino passed away a week ago today and this past thursday with Vin’s condition detiorating fast, we had to put him to rest. 

My saving grace however is that Gino was waiting for him at those pearly doggie doors in the sky…

So Vin, you were my first born and gave me absolute love through all these years. I will miss you greatly. Your funny little character traits were unmatched. My favorite: when ever we had parties at the house and you were ready for everyone to get out, you would on the sneaky drop a duece in the middle of the party and wait to see someone step in it. Hysterical.

The kisses you gave were simply the best and the love you had for Gino and Pepsi taught me an invaluable lesson and will forever leave an imprint on my soul…

So to you and your brother, i raise my glass….



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  1. Lucifer

    Sorry for your lost I hate to have pets and then the die it hurts too much to see them sick and then die. I told myself that I would never get any more animals I hate the process of the stages. GOD speed.

    • Izzoiz

      thanks so much

  2. Bubba

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I feel your pain, as I lost my beloved pug Sophie last March at the age of 16. There isn’t a day that goes by without her being in my thoughts. Hugs!

    • Izzoiz


  3. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac02-18-2012

    So sad to hear of your puppies’ demise. I know people with dogs become very attached to them. And all I can say, as I usually do at such times, is, remember the best times.

    • Izzoiz


  4. castaway

    Not sure if this will help or hurt more, but just as I was reading this I was playing this song thinking of my beloved canine companion of 10 years, my absolute and unconditional best friend in this life, now 8 months gone, tears flowing.

    If it’s deep, it never really heals. But in another sense it has to make us stonger having known such a wonderful being, and have shared so much together. I know just by you writing this post you’re hurting and just wanted to let you know that I know what you are feeling. (((Hugs!))) Although difficult to grasp right now, time does heal all wounds Thanks for your blog and take care of you!

    • Izzoiz

      thanks a lot for the thoughts and that is a great song…

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