Poker Player reveals his Poker Face and comes out…

Who knew gays can play porker too? Is there anything those cleaver little devils can not do?

Jason Somerville, a professional card player who won the 2011 World Series of Poker, came out on his blog on Valentine’s Day.

via High-Profile Poker Player Comes Out | News | The Advocate.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac02-15-2012

    It’s stories like this that trump every 10 “NO GAYS!” movement vitriolic negativism stories towards us gay guys (face it, lesbians are almost always exempt, bisexuals not counted, trannies a different thing,) — it’s why I don’t worry about the Santorums and the Gallaghers of this world, it’s why I don’t fret the Pope and his squadron of men in dresses, it’s why all the evangelists can shout from the roof tops that gays are evil and dangerous and just so different that we require laws for or against us — instead of mere inclusion in the laws that already exist — and this story trumps all the “homosexual lifestyle” stories that are bandied about — it’s the reason that the NO GAYS movement shall lose — for they are fighting reality with a fantasy, and reality always wins, always. This is why I’m just not only not worried about the wackos of which you and I write and read so much, the wackos who go around the nation pretending that us gay guys are something from some other planet — I’m not worried that the Republicans will “win” (so they think) and pass this or that law against us, nor that the Democrats are “evolving” — for the politics of us doesn’t matter, it’s the hearts and minds of America that matters — for they all against us shall fall, since they are attacking the sons of mothers, and often the mothers too, they shall be gone with the wind, and looked back upon as some aberration in the national conscience, much as slavery and women not being allowed to vote are looked at upon as some sort of ancient thing, so foreign to our modern existence. It’s also why I’m never concerned that there are laws “for” us, for I know that regardless of what the law says, it’s what the average American, dumbass or genius, left or right, or whatever you may think he or her may be, that they all of a sudden comes to the conclusion, “well, gays ain’t that bad then, as I heard,” and this man’s coming out has simply destroyed a decade worth of Peter Sprigg’s and Tony Perkins’ efforts to make demons out of us — and these creeps can’t do a think to stop it. We win by personal testimony, not by law or policy. And to often we strive for law and policy instead of hearts and minds, and that’s my worry, that we gays rely too much on law, when minds and hearts are what matters. So congrats to him, and congrats to us, and well, let the worse folks lose, quickly, as they shall, sooner or later. And sooner more likely.

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