Mississippi blogger must pay gay couple $425,000 in damages…

Does this mean i better watch my mouth? Hell to the no!

For two years, a Mississippi blogger conducted a vitriolic “nightmare” campaign against two gay Nova Scotia men who operate a wilderness getaway near Kemptville in the southwest end of the province.

Doug K. Handshoe, a certified public accountant and inveterate blogger, has never met the Trout Point Lodge owners Charles Leary and Vaughan Perret or stayed at their getaway. Yet he consistently made graphic homophobic comments on his website, accused the two owners of all kinds of criminal acts and disparaged the small resort in the Tobeatic Wilderness reserve.

“It’s been a nightmare, I have to tell you,” an emotional Perret told the Toronto Star Thursday.

Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Suzanne Hood agreed and this week awarded Leary and Perret $425,000 in damages — reported to be the largest defamation damage award in Nova Scotia history — and issued a permanent injunction against Handshoe.

Handshoe, who considers himself a bit of forensic auditor, told the Star in an interview he has no intentions of paying and will go to the U.S. court to have the Canadian ruling struck down on the basis that it is an affront to his constitutional rights of freedom of speech.

“I won’t be gagged,” ( with a dick that is)  he said. “In the U.S. . . . we are allowed to call people bad names if we want.”

yes but honey you were in Canada and I’m not sure you know this but even though it is connected, it’s a different country…


via Canada News: Mississippi blogger must pay gay couple $425,000 in damages, Nova Scotia court orders – thestar.com.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac02-03-2012

    How demented to go seek out a gay couple in another country and harass them. Meanwhile, I doubt even this country would allow such a tactic — stalking, and such. It’s beyond the pale. Remember, our political opponents get to talk because they are attacking “homosexuality” and not, if I may be so bold “Izzo and Jim” — no, there’s a limit.

  2. Badge Society
    Badge Society02-06-2012

    How did this guy even find them?

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