Maryland delegate Gay Marriage Turncoat Sam Arora…Whats he hiding??

For a while now i have been following the not so well publicized controversy over  Maryland delegate Sam Arora. Arora, ran for the Maryland House of Delegates on a platform of support for same-sex marriage in Maryland and co-sponsored a bill allowing it early in the 2011 session. Then for some unexplained reason, Arora started backpedaling so far that he voted against the measure passing.

Last week the Maryland house of delegates passed the gay marriage bill which is now headed to the senate and Sam Arora voted against the bill. Even after supposedly getting phone calls from Bill Clinton, Terry McAuliffe and the Governor Martin O’Malley. 

Arora went from co-sponsoring the bill in 2011 to voting against it barely a year later? With call from heavy hitters such as Clinton, McAuliffe and O’Malley not swaying him? Nor has he given one explanation as to why he stuck the knife into the backs of the Maryland gay community. I believe a person only makes an about face like that after someone has “gotten to them”.

We all know that politicians have secrets in their closet bigger than Liberace’s. Its all part of the game.  So it would only be wise to think that maybe some conservative colleague handed Arora a choice, vote against the bill or else his dirty undies will be hung up on the clothesline for everyone to enjoy …(how 50′s)

Anyone who has any “info” and i mean ANY information on Sam Arora, please contact me here at [email protected]

You can also tell Arora what you think (as i did) on his Facebook page here

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  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac02-20-2012

    Egad, he just looks gay. And apparently he’s “evolving” in the wrong direction. And apparently, if there is some dirty undies (as you so quaintly put it,) it’s going to come out anyway. As the AZ Sheriff.

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