Louis C.K. On bigots telling their kids about gay marriage…Lols…

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac02-20-2012

    What’s funny is that no one will be forced to “explain” it to their kids — for it’s doubtful the kids will ask, and if they do, there’s the old parental standby, “beats me.” But true, there’s all this “momentous for society” crud — and the only ones who will benefit or be affected are gay folks. What I think many heteros are afraid of though, is that they and their kids’ heterosexuality is so tenuous, so flimsy, that they’ll all run on down to a gay bar to find the love of what they never ever considered before. We’re sure we’re gay, and we’re sure they are not. It is they whom are confused and conflicted about what they are, which is really funny considering how natural it all is supposed to be, eh?

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