Izzoiz back up! Shut down over photo…Never received letter to take it down….

Ok so it has been a long 24hrs. Let me tell you briefly what happened and how i got wrongfully screwed.

A while ago a photo of Trace from the tv show Flipping Out, hit the internets of him naked of which he took with his phone. Obviously the photo hit every gay site imaginable including mine where it has been for weeks. Yesterday afternoon i tried to enter my site and found that it was blocked with An “Oops” message which im sure you saw. I was panicked to say the least. I knew i had no outstanding bills so as the rep put me on hold i checked my hotmail account and found an email from Godaddy explaining that my site was shut down due to copyright infringement. What???

With the email was an attached letter to godaddy from a law firm who apparently represents Trace, claiming that i am in violation of a copyright. Mind you no where in the letter did it state that they contacted me. And in accodance with the law told godaddy to suspend my site. Now, according to the rep i spoke to, the law-firms claims they contacted me through my email [email protected]. I NEVER received one email. Not ONE! I check my email and span consistently throughout the day. i do not get junk mail at that account so emails are easily sorted through.  Now i am not saying they did not attempt to contact me, what i am saying is that someone could have typed in the wrong address or misspelled my name. I am well aware of sending out emails with an incorrect spelling and not getting back a fail notice until a few days later. It is not always instantly.

that being said, had i received and email from the law firm, i would have immediately taken the photo down. I am well aware of infringement issues. I have been contacted in the past by another law firm and took down the images immediately.  So that would have been a non issue. I do not screw around with laws and honor anyones wishes for me to remove anything about them on my site. Which i have also done in the past when i have gotten personal emails from people who were the focus of a post.

But what disturbs me them most is the fact that a website can be shut down so easily. Like i said i can not say that the firm did not attempt to send me an email, however what if there was an internal mistake on the firms part. Whether it be a wrongly typed email address or them thinking one was sent when it was not. I love Godaddy but i think that when they get a notice as such, they should contact the owner of the site and let them know that if the material in question is not taken down with in 24hrs the site will be taken down.  One small extra step to avoid such mishaps.

And lastly, to Trace and everyone else out there. Do not take photos of yourself naked and send them out to whomever  (i am assuming thats how they leaked) and not expect them to fly all over the internet. In my modeling days back in the late 90′s and early 00′s i posed nude for various photographers as well as myself ;) knowing damn well that those photos can and most likely would end up online. Especially for anyone on a tv show. So bottom line, keep your dick in you pants if you do not want the photos all over the information super highway…

  1. Lucifer

    These fucking cry babies. It”s all good we knew you would clear this up.

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    • Izzoiz

      lolz bitch

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    Glad you’re back!!!

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