Frank Rich: Reminds us of the liberals who stabbed us gays in the back: Bill Clinton anyone?

Frank Rich wrote this great article about our gay history and the liberals who sat idly by or blatantly pushed laws that were against us. One Bill Clinton in particular.  The truth is, no other politician/president threw us gays under the bus than that asshole. DADT & DOMA were two of the most horrible acts of  discrimination against the gay community ever…

Bill Clinton has also worked hard to spin and skate away from his history on gay issues. His presidential record looks good only when contrasted with the literally lethal passivity of Ronald Reagan, who didn’t think AIDS warranted a speech until 1987, six years into the epidemic and his presidency. Reagan is a very low bar, and that lets Clinton off the hook for a legacy that’s had a far more lasting and egregious impact than any failings, youthful or otherwise, of Andrew Cuomo. Clinton knows it, too. In his thousand-page memoir, My Life, he somehow didn’t find the space to so much as mention the Defense of Marriage Act. While “don’t ask, don’t tell” can be rationalized (by some) as a bungled rookie effort at compromise during his early months in office, DOMA is indefensible. Though now deemed unconstitutional by the Obama Justice Department—and, last week, by a Bush-­appointed federal judge in California—it is still in full force.

The bill was strictly a right-wing political ploy cooked up for the year of Clinton’s re-election campaign. It had no other justification. In the spring of 1996, same-sex marriage wasn’t legal anywhere in the country or a top-tier cause for many gay leaders; it was solely in play in a slow-moving court case in Hawaii.

via Frank Rich: Why We Can’t Forget That Gay Marriage’s Liberal Champions Spent Decades on the Wrong Side of the Issue — New York Magazine.

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    Bill Clinton was not a great President when it came to the United States at all. He also set the trend that is causing the economy to shut down and started out sourcing jobs with NAFTA.

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