Ellen & JC Penney Facebook Page Surpasses Those “One Million Moms” by a real million…

Hate group One Million Moms was not expecting the backlash and public whipping they have gotten over their ignorant hate filled comments about JC Penney hiring Ellen. Well now a Facebook page “1 million people who support Ellen for JCPenney has done what the hate group can’t, they actually have 1 million likes…

However i have tried to get to the page and either it has crashed or it was taken down, because you cant access it…

Now a counter Facebook group has started that has already found more supporters than “One Million Moms.” In 24 hours, the group called “1 Million people who support Ellen for JCPenney” had already surpassed “One Million Moms” in likes. At about 2 a.m. ET, it had reached nearly 60,000 likes, and counting, on its way toward substantiating its own name.

“I can’t believe that 24 hours ago, this page only had 38 likes,” wrote the group’s founder, Cathie Winter Miller, on Thursday. “I wrote it down on my calendar hoping to be at 150 today. This is truly amazing and I thank everyone for your support! Keep sharing and let’s get to a million!”

via Pro-Ellen Facebook Movement Already Surpasses Those “One Million Moms” | News | The Advocate.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac02-10-2012

    Let’s see, there are some oh, I’ll guess, 7 or 8 million gay men in the nation. That gives us, oh, I guessing, 5 million moms — (some of us older gays’ mom’s have passed on, after all. I dare say the gay guy’s moms are more than several million more strong and are far more concerned with us than any alleged “concerned mom” of this “get-rid-of-the-gays” whackos. And I bet far more of them shop at JC Penney and watch Ellen.

    And I love how they are all for companies that exclude us on free speech, free association, rights, religious rights, business rights, etc etc grounds — but they are enraged and seek to shut down and shut up anyone who says a nice thing about gay folks. The CWA, and million moms, and these sick ladies’ farce is despicable in urging our own mothers and every mother in the nation to avoid, harass, ostracize and shun their gay sons and gay nephews — they are not women, they are alien heathens who know not the word of Christ if he hit them upside the head with it.

  2. Melinda Taylor
    Melinda Taylor03-27-2012

    I am a christian and a very traditional person . I think its wonderful that Ellen is a spokesperson for Jc Penny! She is a wonderful person. I love ellen’s values , she believes helping those in need , making people laugh , and is it excellent role model for all people , gay or not! I think its rediculous that this group of moms have so much anger in them . they should all take a lesson from Ellen and learn how to live life happily . you go girl !

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