Douchebag of the day: DL Foster – Dan Savage ‘Should Be Arrested’ For Anti-Gay Bullying Campaign…

Here we go, another ignorant black man spewing discrimination and anti-gay hate. Don’t you find it amazing that nay black person can promote prejudice? It is beyond embarrassing for them.

DL Foster ( DL? are you kidding me, how poetic) a prominent “ex-gay” activist is calling for the “Savage Love” columnist’s arrest due to his controversial “It Gets Better” anti-bullying campaign in support of LGBT youth.

Honey their ain’t no such thing as ex-gay. You suck dick once, you’re sucking it for EVA…..2 snaps and a rewind…Again, why am i not writing children’s books?

“Homosexual kids are still killing themselves after believing his message,” DL Foster told Americans For Truth About Homosexuality’s (AFTAH) Peter LaBarbera, Right Wing Watch is reporting. “I think [Savage] personally — I think he should be arrested for propagating this lie to — for these kids to have this false promise without any sort of information on what is ‘it’ anyway?”

And i think you should hand your head in shame for advocating any form of discrimination and quite frankly should go fuck yourself…See ya on the down low bitch….

via Dan Savage ‘Should Be Arrested’ For Anti-Gay Bullying Campaign: ‘Ex-Gay’ Activist (VIDEO).

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