Arrest in DC Transgender Killing…

D.C. Police have made an arrest in the killing of a transgender person in Northeast.

JaParker Jones was stabbed in the head at a bus stop at East Capitol Street and Sycamore Road the evening of Feb. 2. Jones later died at a hospital.

Surveillance video taken Feb. 2 about 8:30 p.m. showed a man walking calmly across East Capitol Street away from the bus stop.

“Unlike we have seen in the past, in this case, at the time when this homicide took place, passersby unrelated to the situation intervened — two passersby — and attempted to assist a person that they believed was being assaulted,” Police Chief Cathy Lanier said.

Police charged 55-year-old Gary Niles Montgomery, of northeast D.C., with second-degree murder. He has not been charged with a hate crime, but that has not been ruled out.

via Arrest in NE Transgender Killing | NBC4 Washington.

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    I do not know how they caught him from that grainy ass video.
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