Anti-gay Rep. Mike Reynolds is after the gays again, Introduces bill to eliminate nondiscrimination policies…

This guy really has it bad for the gays. “honorable Discharger” state Rep. Mike Reynolds unsuccessfully tried to get Oklahoma to reinstate DADT into the Oklahoma national guard. However now he is back with another anti-gay bill which would restrict cities from having nondiscrimination policies that differ from the state. Oklahoma’s state policy on discrimination does not include sexual orientation, but some local cities do include it. Reynolds is obviously obsessed with the gays because if he can’t get them in one end he goes for another…:) Which only leads me to believe somebody is putting from the rough…See ya in the bathroom stall…

State Rep. Mike Reynolds, R-Oklahoma City, introduced House Bill 2245 to limit nondiscrimination ordinances for municipal employees by restricting those protections to only those also provided for state employees under Oklahoma statute. If approved, the act would become effective Nov. 1.

If anyone has dirt on this bigot, be a dear and send it my way…People like Reynolds need to be exposed…

via Reynolds seeks to restrict city policies on discrimination » Headlines » The Norman Transcript.

  1. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac02-27-2012

    OH, just tell him we’re covered by religion, mental status, the American with Disabilities Act, creed, political party … what other designation would be like? For no matter which way he describes us he’s got us covered. And gay political and legal groups could hoist these folks up by simply saying “whichever way you want to describe us, here’s how gay folks are included….” and presenting the case. I don’t care how they describe us … we are covered by something. It’s time we used the laws there already instead of looking for new laws. And in this way these creeps will be faced with A) a dose of reality, and B) they will have to specifically craft laws that say “Except homosexuals.” and then we’ll say we’re gay. And if they try to say “Men who have sex with men,” well point out “we’re men who admire me, whether we have sex with them at all.” Egad, anyone can play this game, let’s start to play it.

  2. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac02-27-2012

    OH yah, we’re covered by “marital status” too — we’re forced to be single. Play their sick game. Go for it.

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