Christian group pushing Anchorage anti-Gay Discrimination…

A conservative Christian group is ramping up efforts to fight a gay-rights initiative in Anchorage.

Alaska Family Action, an arm of the Alaska Family Council, says it has created the Protect Your Rights group to battle Ballot Proposition 5.

The proposition, if it passes on April 3, would add gay and transgender folks to the city’s equal rights code. It would not change existing law that allows religious groups to give preferential treatment to people of the same faith. So a Christian church, for example, could still refuse to hire workers because they were not Christian.

But some religious groups still oppose extending the city’s anti-discrimination laws to gays. Currently protected are race, color, sex, religion, national origin, marital status, age or physical or mental disability.

The group launched a Facebook page on Feb. 13, according to the Catholic Anchor.

make sure you go to their facebook page and leave a comment. You will see the “lovely” comment i left…:)

via Anchorage Gay Discrimination Battle Heats Up as Election Approaches | Alaska Dispatch.

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