The new Izzoiz!!!!

So on Friday’s post i said that there were going to be changes to Izzoiz this weekend and here they are! I am all for change, my men, my panties and my dildos ;) . Out with old in with the new. So seeing that it was a new year, I decided to give the site a new fresher look.

As always, I went to the man who has taken care of my site since the beginning, Sozo of , I found Sozo through David at and from the beginning I have never given Sozo more than a couple of words and he has this uncanny knack for delivering what is in my mind that I can not articulate and with this new look it was no different. I literally said to him that I wanted to change the site for the new year and sent him a couple of links to sites in which I like their graphics or look and that was all. No color scheme, no font ideas, and no design and what you are looking at is basically the first mock-up he sent me. It was that simple. He visualized exactly what I was thinking with really nothing to go on. Amazing…

I hope you like! And if you need someone to update, revamp, or fix technical bugs, hit on Sozo you will NOT be disappointed…


Thanks SO!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Sozo

    You’re welcome, I’m glad you like it!

  2. Tamayn Irraniah
    Tamayn Irraniah01-09-2012

    Love the new look!

    • Izzoiz


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