Must watch: C-SPAN getting Crank Calls about Mitt Romney’s “big penis”…Hilarious…

I just can’t! People are so effing funny i can’t take it! I am laughing so hard i almost wet myself…

C-SPAN has been getting hit with a number of rude prank calls that all relate to the size of Mitt Romney’s penis. In each instance, the caller catches the hosts and guests completely off-guard.

In one call, the prankster sounds quite sincere; asking legitimate questions about what C-span is doing to handle the rude prank calls and commenting on Romney’s chances before referencing his “big penis”.

No one knows if the crank calls to C-span are a group effort, or coming from one individual who claims to be calling from different regions.

In one instance, the caller asks sincere questions of former New Hampshire governor Judd Gregg, and then suddenly asks “How big is Mitt Romney’s penis?”

via Rude crank calls at C-SPAN.

  1. Badge Society
    Badge Society01-14-2012

    Yeah this is classic. Had to be a group effort, not that many people watch C-Span.

    Badge Society

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