Anti-gay Laurie Higgins agrees that the gays are like the KKK…

Dumb twat Laurie Higgins and The Illinois Family Institute, defended Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George’s comments that gays are like the KKK…

Writes Higgins:

“The virulent hatred many homosexual activists have for Catholic (and Protestant) orthodoxy is fully comparable to the virulent hatred that members of the KKK had. Perhaps the Trib’s editorial board should spend more time visiting some of the infamous “gay” blogs whose commenter’s regularly spew intolerant, uncivil, and vulgar hatred toward the Catholic Church.”

It’s a two way street bitch. However the Catholic Church and their main queen Pope Ruby Slippers Benedict are the “true” relatives to the KKK spewing their hate against us big bad gays. The gays would be willing to call a truce and let pedophiles be bygones if the church would change their hating ways but until then the catholic church WELL deserves the “vulgar hatred” toward them…

via Laurie Higgins and The Illinois Family Institute Hate Group: Gay Is The New KKK.

  1. Lucifer

    Not surprised… the Catholic church hid Nazis in America back in the 40′s. The really love Rick Santorum.

  2. Jim Hlavac
    Jim Hlavac01-04-2012

    Where on earth do these people get the bizarre idea that Gay folks “hate” “virulently” any religion? They are out of their minds. In gay pride parade after parade across America, Europe and South America, and Asia there are gay Christians, Gay Jews, Gay Buddhists, and gay Muslims even — gay men and women have begged and pleaded for understanding and inclusion, for pastoring and mentoring from these religions — repeatedly — and have been rudely insulted and disdained. There are over 100 gay Christian groups — that I know of — of every mainstream denomination. There are gays begging and pleading to join churches, to even have us blessed by churches.

    These people are delusional — for they seem to think that our defense against be calling “evil” “sick” a “threat” and a “danger” and “anti-everything good and decent” is an attack upon them. While it is true the best defense is a good offense not one gay newspaper, or group, or spokesperson ever says a blessed word about religious figures or denominations except in defense. Hell, it was a Christian group which got “God Hates Fags” declared perfectly acceptable public free speech. No gay guy every held aloft a sign that says “Gays hate God” that’s for sure.

    These people are simply losing their grip on reality. Meanwhile, there are gay pastors, gay churches and probably at this point a gay version of the Bible stories we love best: Jonathan and David & Ruth and Naomi. It’s beyond the pale for these people to now compare us to the KKK — No gay man ever burned a cross on a church lawn, nor have we lynched a priest nor preacher, nor have we blown up anything — can anybody be so purposefully and willfully wrong? I think not.

    And it behooves gay groups to simply tackle this comparison head on with our requests (not even demands, for heaven’s sake) to be accepted by religions — in TV, radio, print and internet ads as well as petitions to these people who are going away from reality as quickly as a Medieval sailor was gone from reality before they sailed beyond the sight of land.

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