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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dinner Served...

Locker Room Jock...

Cheyenne Jackson "Disgusted" by Tracy Morgan's comments...

The shit just keeps rolling down hill for Morgan. Openly gay Jackson and co star on 30 Rock, said the following in a statement to OUT Magazine

"I am disgusted and appalled by Tracy Morgan's homophobic rant," said Jackson in a statement he provided to Out on Saturday morning. "The devastating repercussions of hate-filled language manifest in very real ways for today's LGBTQ youth. I've known Tracy for two years, spent many long hours with him on set, and I want to believe that this behavior is not at the core of who he is. I'm incredibly disappointed by his actions, and hope that his apology is sincere."

Gay History: Harvey Milk

Harvey "Glimpy Milch" Milk, born May 22, 1930, was the first openly gay man to hold a major political position. He began his political career in the 1970s, at a time when psychologists still considered homosexuality a mental disorder. In 1977, he became a member of San Francisco's board of supervisors.

Milk loved publicity and believed that the "invisibility" of gays contributed to the negative social stigmas of the time. Many glbt people of the late 70s lived in the closet, so the election of an openly gay man was a major milestone in the gay political world and the personal lives of gay individuals. Milk said, "You gotta give them hope." His visibility gave many glbt people the hope they needed. Milk even inspired Oliver Sipple, the man that saved late President Gerald Ford from a second assassination attempt.

For Milk, it was important that he be seen as a person, not just a gay man in politics. After sponsoring a dog mess bill that forced owners to clean up after their pets on the sidewalks, Milk said, "All over the country, they're reading about me, and the story doesn't center on me being gay. It's just about a gay person who is doing his job."

Prior to his political career, Milk served in the Korean War and upon his return became an investment banker on Wall Street. He moved to San Francisco in the early 1970s, bored by his career and the gay Greenwich Village scene.

Despite being told that he would never successfully gain a political office as an openly gay man, Milk garnered the support of San Francisco's previously quiet gay population. Many outed themselves to show support for Milk. And after three failed attempts at the city supervisor seat, on his forth try he became the first openly gay office holder. Milk's famous speech opening line was "My name is Harvey Milk and I'm here to recruit you."

Amid death threats, Milk said, "If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door."

On Nov. 27, 1978, Harvey Milk was shot twice in the head by conservative and disgruntled supervisor Daniel White. Mayor George Moscone was also killed. White confessed to his crime, but was only given five years in prison plus parole. His lawyers argued that junk food caused his depression. That argument, dubbed the Twinkie defense, was later banned.

Milk's death made him a martyr. His supervisor seat was given to openly-gay politician Harry Britt. A year after Milk's death 100,000 people demonstrated for gay rights in Washington D.C. chanting "Harvey Milk Lives." He was also the inspiration for Cleve Jones' AIDS quilt and his bravery the catalyst for the modern day gay rights movement. Today, many gay social institutions are named after Harvey Milk, including The Harvey Milk School in New York City.

For more on Harvey go here here  and here

Douchebag of the day: Archdiocese of Boston, Cancels Gay Mass...

The Catholic Archdiocese of Boston are dirty filthy scumbags...

The Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, in response to criticism it was sanctioning a celebration of Gay Pride month, announced yesterday that it had ordered a South End church to cancel a Mass scheduled for next weekend that was themed, “All are Welcome.’’

“I think that’s horrible, just horrible, that they would cancel,’’ said Marianne Duddy-Burke, executive director of DignityUSA, an organization that advocates for participation of gays in the Catholic Church. “What an abuse of authority. I wish I could be surprised, but I’m definitely appalled.’’

In its most recent bulletin, St. Cecilia Parish said that it had planned a “liturgy to commemorate Boston Pride 2011’’ for later this month.

“The Rainbow Ministry of St. Cecilia Parish invites all friends and supporters of the LGBT community to a Mass in celebration of Boston’s Pride Month,’’ the bulletin said. “The theme of the liturgy, ‘All Are Welcome,’ honors Christ’s message of hope and salvation to all people. We will also celebrate the diverse community that finds its home at St. Cecilia.’’

But after protests from conservative church members, the archdiocese intervened.

“The wording and placement of a bulletin notice announcing that the St. Cecilia Rainbow Ministry will be joining the parish at a Mass on June 19 may have given the unintended impression that the Mass is in support of Gay Pride Week; it is not,’’ said Terrence C. Donilon, a spokesman for the archdiocese. “The pastor will clarify this issue at the Masses this coming weekend.’’ deets here

Couple Tries to get custody of children by faking husbands death and him having a sex change...

This story is a classic like I have never heard. People are so crazy. LOL's! Apparently this couple lost custody of their children when the daughter walked in on the father giving it to a blowup doll.

The husband, 42 year old William Scot Davis, hatched an elaborate plot that could only come from the mind of a demented freak who likes to stick it to a latex ho while he’s home watching the kids. I guess it’s hard finding a real live woman who’s his intellectual equivalent.

His stupid wife, Heather Dawn Davis, 43, agreed to this brilliant plan. Oh and what was that brilliant plan? He would give up his parental rights to the children if, in return, she would help him fake his death so he could have a sex change operation and start a new life as a woman. He would then come back into the children’s lives with a new identity. And oh yeah…surprise, surprise, surprise (said in Gomer Pyle accent) it would also help him avoid a number of arrest warrants he had. I feel it’s important now to take a look at these two cunning criminal masterminds. Deets here

Video:Young boy preforms Madonna's Vogue...

Little gay boys never cease to amaze me.

"I performed to MADONNA's "VOGUE" in the Summer of 1991 when my parents took me to Hampton Beach Casino in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. A business in the casino at the time gave tourists the chance to lip-synch to their favorite pop songs in front of a blue screen background, and I was lucky enough to partake that summer. via boyculture 


Wanda Sykes On Tracy Morgan: "just a dumb comic"

Wanda Sykes threw her two cents in on the Tracy Morgan controversy. Wanda tweeted the following:

Of Morgan "just a dumb comic.”

“I fault the TN lawmakers. They've created an anti-gay environment,” she wrote on Twitter. “Don't believe Tracy would be so ignorant in LA, because we have a mayor, a city council, and police chief who believes we are all equal.”

The notorious “Don’t Say Gay” bill bars teachers from talking about sexuality, and another bill repealed a law that had prevented companies from discriminating against people based on their sexual orientation.

Sykes compared Morgan’s statements – which included his insistence that he would kill his own son if he were an effeminate gay man – to speech that the Supreme Court has said can be rightfully barred.

“I do believe in free speech, but for a youth in TN or any other numerous place, Tracy just yelled, ‘Fire,’ in a crowded theater,” Sykes wrote. deets here

Michael Jackson, Liz Taylor & Marlon Brando drove across country from NY during 9/11...

I cannot take it! Talk about Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. This is beyond hysterical if this story is true. In this months Vanity Fair, friends of Liz's relates stories about the icon. And this is just one of the stories and it's too good to be true.
As the tale goes, Taylor and Marlon Brando were visiting New York City for Michael Jackson's concert tour that rolled through Madison Square Garden on Sept. 10, 2001. When the terrorists struck the next day, the three pop culture icons looked to flee the chaos that descended upon the city, perhaps fearing they'd be targeted as well. But with a strict ground order for all planes, even the elite couldn't take off. And that's when they decided to hit the road.

Michael Jackson led the group across the Hudson into New Jersey, where they snagged a rental car and began their 500-mile odyssey westward. Jackson's former assistant says that Michael and Marlon split the driving duties, with Elizabeth taking the backseat. Brando annoyed his travel companions by stopping at every KFC and Burger King along the way -- so that explains his rather portly appearance in his later years. Eventually they reached a mystery destination in Ohio, where they presumably were able to get a flight.
deets here

Could you imagine being on the highway in the middle of the country in looking into the car beside you and seeing these three? Or being a worker at KFC or Burger King and they come in for a whopper w/ cheese?

Tina Fay Not Happy With Tracy Morgan...

Here is what Tina "diplomatically" said to TMZ

"The violent imagery of Tracy's rant was disturbing to me at a time when homophobic hate crimes continue to be a life-threatening issue for the GLBT Community."

Fey continued, "It also doesn't line up with the Tracy Morgan I know, who is not a hateful man and is generally much too sleepy and self-centered to ever hurt another person.

"I hope for his sake that Tracy's apology will be accepted as sincere by his gay and lesbian co-workers at '30 Rock', without whom Tracy would not have lines to say, clothes to wear, sets to stand on, scene partners to act with, or a printed-out paycheck from accounting to put in his pocket."

I'd say Tina just handed him his ass....

NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt claims the network has warned Morgan about the incident -- saying, "Tracy’s comments reflect negatively on both '30 Rock' and NBC – two very all-inclusive and diverse organizations – and we have made it clear to him that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated."

Ignorant Chris Rock Supports Tracy Morgan...

Not good Chris. Here is what Rock had to say about the Tracy Morgan controversy:

 via Twitter, saying "I don't know about you, but I don't want to live in world where Tracy Morgan cant say foul inappropriate shit."

GLAAD slammed back saying, "Language about stabbing kids for being gay isn't 'foul.' It's dangerous."

Two things for Rock. We are talking about gay kids killing themselves because of bigoted and ignorant comments like this. Comedy or not, it was inappropriate. Period. If kids getting gay bashed, kicked out of their homes and committing suicide is a world that you want to live in, you are a very sad and disturbed person. If this was a white comic that made like remarks about black kids, would you be supporting it? I will tell you what "foul inappropriate shit" is, your ignorant comment... 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Medicaid Can now Treats Gay Couples the same as straights...

Under the direction of Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius, states are expressly given the freedom to treat gay couples just like any other couple, who would be afforded protections from losing their home in order to pay the bills.

“Low-income same-sex couples are too often denied equal treatment and the protections offered to other families in their greatest times of need,” said Sebelius in a statement announcing clarification of federal requirements. “This is now changing. Today’s guidance represents another important step toward ensuring that the rights and dignity of every American are respected by their government.” deets here


Seattle Mariners: It gets better

The Seattle Mariners have joined the list of Major League Baseball teams making videos for the It Gets Better Project.

“We didn’t get convinced to do it because of a petition,” said Mariners representative Rebecca Hale. “It was something that was on our radar since the Giants’ video,” which was released earlier this month. Filming is in the planning stages, she said. deets here

Fire Department Accused of Forcible Sodomy

What the eff is wrong with these people? To do this to anyone is disgusting let alone a 17 year old...
WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CN) - A man claims that forcible sodomy is a "prerequisite" for volunteers at the Piermont Fire Department. He says that when his teen-age son volunteered, firefighters "forcibly caused [him] to engage in acts of sodomy, all against his will and consent," and that this "ritual" is "a prerequisite" for all people who want to join.

Mark Bernstein sued the Village of Piermont and three named firefighters in Federal Court, on behalf of his 17-year-old son.

Bernstein claims the village knew about the hazing ritual and "took no steps to prevent this rite of passage and as such acquiesced in its implementation."

He claims that when his son volunteered for the force, in August 2010, he was "battered, physically restrained, pushed, shoved and forced into submission," and that the sexual abuse left him "physically and psychologically ill." It caused him to seek medical and psychological treatment and has left him "permanently damaged."

The complaint says, “The Village of Piermont promulgated, fostered and implemented a policy whereby new arrivals (‘initiates’) into the position of volunteer firefighter would be subject to a form of ‘hazing’ whereby fellow firefighters would restrain the initiate’s movements, depriving him of his freedom of movement, expose their genitals to the said initiate, and attempt to forcibly cause the initiate to place his hand upon and/or fondle the genitals of various members of the Piermont Fire Department, and/or force the said initiate against his will by dint of duress to sodomize an existing firefighter.” This hazing was a prerequisite for joining the department, the suit claims. deets here

Anti-gay Bigot Randy Thomasson Is Trying to save California from the evil homosexuals...

So I was over at the Edge reading an article they did on a bill that is in front of California lawmakers which would require California schools to include teaching about the contributions that gay people have made to our society. Now of course there are the haters who are trying to turn this bill into a "homosexuals are out to recruit and take your children over to the dark side" agenda. It couldn't be further from the truth. But as we know that is their favorite fear tool tactic to get parents into a frenzy.

One of these anti-gay bigots is Randy Thomasson who runs a website called Saving is the biggest miss representation of his site, it should be called destroying California. This site is your typical right wing anti-gay, anti-gay marriage, fighting to protect the children, fighting to protect marriage and values and virtues and all that blah blah blah Bible beating bullshit. It's a laughable puke-fest. Now you know what I always say about people who are so homophobic?

Anyway dumbass Thomasson thinks that the bill is not fair because it doesn't also allow teachers to teach opposition to the LGBT lifestyle. Need I repeat dumbass again? The bill has nothing to do with teaching kids about gay sex, it is solely teaching the contributions that gays have made to our society and our gay-rights history.

The state Senate passed the Senate Bill 48, which is better known as the FAIR (Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful) Education Act, last month. And in the coming weeks, it will be presented to the state Assembly for approval. It would then go to Gov. Jerry Brown.

If signed, the FAIR Education Act would require schools to ensure that LGBT people are recognized in textbooks and ban discriminatory materials.

State Sen. Mark Leno [D-San Francisco] introduced the bill, which is an extension of the statewide celebration of Harvey Milk Day. It would include LGBT history and contributions into middle and high school history classes. California law already requires schools to highlight the contributions of women, African and Mexican Americans and entrepreneurs, among others. This would be the first law to require curriculum that highlights contributions by prominent LGBT individuals and groups.

Randy Thomasson, president of opposes the bill because he fears the impact of exposing children to the LGBT lifestyle.

'This is teaching children from kindergarten on up that the homosexual, bisexual, transsexual lifestyle is something to admire and consider for themselves.' he wrote on his website. Thomasson also worries that the measure does not allow for teachers to discuss the opposition to the LGBT movement and claims that the bill fails to mention what he believes are 'the negative consequences, that male homosexuality is the largest transmitter of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases.'" deets here

Random thoughts...

Former NFL Player Michael Strahan Supports NY Gay Marriage...

We need more athletes like this to come out in support of gay marriage.

Michael Strahan, the former Giants’ defensive end, has joined the quest to legalize same-sex marriage in New York.

Following the lead of about three dozen politicians and celebrities, including hockey player Sean Avery and basketball player Steve Nash, Strahan filmed a public-service announcement in support of the New Yorkers for Marriage Equality campaign.

“I have plenty of gay friends, and I don’t judge them,” Strahan said. “I want them to have all the same rights I have, and all the opportunities I have to be in a relationship, a great relationship, with the person that they’re in love with.”

“If someone wants to look at it that way, if it makes someone who is African-American feel more comfortable and want to join and get behind it, that’s great,” Strahan said. “I look at it as a human rights type of situation more than anything else.” deets here

Happy Gay Pride Friday West Hollywood...

It's Gay pride weekend here in West Hollywood so needless to say it is going to be crazy! Although I will be partaking and I will post photos on Sunday from the pride parade, I have to limit myself because I have a crowd phobia (not joking). Although my friends wish I had a mouth phobia because I never shut it :)

So everybody have a great weekend!

Video: Broadway actors support gay marriage in New York.

I couldn't imagine a Broadway actor that didn't! :)

We love this Cambridge! Covers federal tax for married city employees...

In a move that may be the first of its kind in the country, Cambridge will soon begin making payments to same-sex married public employees to defray the cost of what local officials have called a discriminatory federal tax. 

Beginning in July, the city will begin paying quarterly stipends to city employees in a same-sex marriage who must pay federal taxes on the value of the health benefits their spouse receives from the city. deets here

Gay History: The Mattachine Society

Like I said yesterday this being Gay pride month, I am going to post a bit of gay history everyday. 

The Mattachine Society, founded in 1950, was one of the earliest homophile organizations in the United States, probably second only to Chicago’s short-lived Society for Human Rights (1924). Harry Hay and a group of Los Angeles male friends formed the group to protect and improve the rights of homosexuals. Because of concerns for secrecy and the founders’ leftist ideology, they adopted the cell organization of the Communist Party. In the anti-Communist atmosphere of the 1950s, the Society’s growing membership replaced the group’s early Communist model with a more traditional ameliorative civil rights leadership style and agenda. Then, as branches formed in other cities, the Society splintered in regional groups by 1961.

The Mattachine Society was named by Harry Hay at the suggestion of James Gruber, inspired by a French medieval and renaissance masque group he had studied while preparing a course on the history of popular music for a workers' education project. In a 1976 interview with Jonathan Ned Katz, Hay was asked the origin of the name Mattachine. He mentioned the medieval-Renaissance French Sociétés Joyeuses:

more info on the Mattachine Society

Tracy Morgan Apologizes for anti-gay rant...Of course he does..

Well I knew it wouldn't be long before we got this apology. I am sure that the powers that be at NBC came down on his ass hard. To be honest I am so tired of people acting badly and then thinking an apology okays their behavior. Here is his original rant

“I want to apologize to my fans and the gay & lesbian community for my choice of words at my recent stand-up act in Nashville,” he said in a statement issued to The Advocate. “I’m not a hateful person and don’t condone any kind of violence against others. While I am an equal opportunity jokester, and my friends know what is in my heart, even in a comedy club this clearly went too far and was not funny in any context.”

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Prop 8 Lawyers Olson And Boies Debut incredible Marriage Equality video....

This video is great!!!! I am not going to say anything just watch it.  via instinct

Tracy Morgan's Brutal homophobic rant....

Wow. Last weekend Tracy Morgan unleashed and anti-gay rant at his standup show in Nashville. I am no prude by any means and I have a nasty sense of humor but there are times where I draw the line. You can read below the hateful jargon that Morgan spewed to a laughing audience. Morgan is a loose cannon at best but the stuff he says about if his son was gay and that homosexuality is a choice just does not jive with me. kids are killing themselves. Come on. How would he feel if this was a person going on an anti-black rant?

Instinct Magazine where I read this article reached out to Morgan's peeps in their response was no comment.

On Saturday, June 4, Tracy Morgan (star of the GLAAD-applauded 30 Rock) took the stage at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium. Shortly after his set began, the prolific comedian allegedly embarked on an anti-gay tirade that is quickly erupting into a publicity nightmare.
According to Kevin Rogers (who was in attendance at the Ryman show), Tracy's anti-gay stand-up material included:
-Mr. Morgan took it upon himself to mention about how he feels all this gay shit was crazy and that women are a gift from God and that "Born this Way" is bullshit, gay is a choice, and the reason he knows this is exactly because "God don't make no mistakes" (referring to God not making someone gay cause that would be a mistake).
-He said that there is no way a woman could love and have sexual desire for another woman, that's just a woman pretending because she hates a fucking man.  He took time to visit the bullshit of this bullying stuff and informed us that the gays needed to quit being pussies and not be whining about something as insignificant as bullying.
-He mentioned that gay was something kids learn from the media and programming, and that bullied kids should just bust some ass and beat those other little fuckers that bully them, not whine about it.  He said if his son that was gay he better come home and talk to him like a man and not [he mimicked a gay, high pitched voice] or he would pull out a knife and stab that little N (one word I refuse to use) to death.
-He mentioned that Barack Obama needed to man up and quit being all down with this just because he has a wife and two daughters.  All of this being followed by thunderous cheer and "You go Tracys".  Tracy then said he didn't fucking care if he pissed off some gays, because if they can take a fucking dick up their ass... they can take a fucking joke.

American Airlines "It Gets Better"

AA released their video for the "It Gets Better" campaign. 

"It Get's Better" Song!

I have to admit that I'm a sap for songs like this and when I say sap I mean listening to this song and thinking about all those kids who were bullied and took their lives. What a great song.

Broadway composer Andrew Lippa is a composer at Texas State University. He gathered up the musical theater students and here is what came of it. Awesome

Michigan's Anti-gay marriage amendment Proposal 2, "one of the worst in the country"

This is a great read!

Despite a dramatic rise in public acceptance of gay and lesbian rights among a wider public, Proposal 2 and its chain reactions continue to make Michigan radioactive for much of the LGBT community.

Michigan’s constitutional amendment forbids the recognition of same-sex marriages “as a marriage or similar union for any purpose.”

“One of the worst in the country” — that’s how Tobias Barrington Wolff, a law professor at the University of Pennsylvania, described Michigan’s anti-gay-marriage amendment. Wolff was chief adviser and spokesman for Barack Obama on LGBT issues during the 2007-08 campaign.

“It just seems like a gratuitous effort to punish and be cruel toward three or four hundred thousand Michigan citizens,” Wolff said. “It makes it harder for them to find the person they’re going to share their life with, make a happy and successful home together and contribute to a larger community.” deets here

Kadhafi 'ordered mass rapes' in Libya...

Investigators have evidence Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi ordered mass rapes and bought containers of sex drugs to encourage troops to attack women, the chief ICC prosecutor said.

Luis Moreno-Ocampo said he may ask for a new charge of mass rape to be made against Kadhafi following the new evidence.

The International Criminal Court's chief prosecutor is expecting a decision from judges within days on his request for charges of crimes against humanity to be laid against the Libyan leader, one of his sons and his intelligence chief. deets here

Somebody please take this wig wearing piece of shit out...


Anti-gay AG is seeking Governorship of Washington State in 2012

Another anti-gay Republican bigot is seeking the governorship in 2012. Atty. Gen. Rob McKenna has announced his bid. So in honor of his announcement here are his views on gay marriage:

McKenna told reporters in 2004 that marriage equality for gays and lesbians could result in polygamy and incest,” Mirabella writes. “He said, ‘It threatens to destroy all standards we apply to the right of marriage.’”

In 2010, McKenna “endorsed the state’s most homophobic candidates possible,” including failed congressional candidate John Koster, who supports amending the U.S. Constitution to ban same-sex marriage, Mirabella adds. deets here

Gawker Raises Money For Same Sex Marriage...

I have been a fan of Gawker probably send it debuted. Gawker is one of my favorite websites and even a bit more so now. Gawker is having a New York gay marriage fundraiser and you can attend. The fact that Thomas Roberts is going to be there is enough reason for anyone to attend, he's so cute. Anyway the deets are below. Unfortunately I being on the West Coast cannot attend but what a great cause. oh and one more thing, Gawker will match your donations!!
As making noise and acting up is what we here at Gawker do best, we're putting both of those skills to use to host a big fundraising bash, all benefiting the tireless and invaluable Empire State Pride Agenda Foundation. On Wednesday, June 22, right here on the roof at Gawker HQ, hosts Nick Denton (our fearless leader) and MSNBC dreamboatThomas Roberts will welcome the city's movers, shakers, celebrities, and media personalities, ply them with booze, and shake them down for cash. Hopefully they'll be lured in by the food, drinks, and entertainment—"entertainment" meaning Richard Lawson and I performing "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" in drag.

Tickets are $200 apiece, but here's the kicker: Gawker will match any donation that you make to buy a ticket. That means by buying a $200 ticket, you're really giving $400 to help all the gay men and lesbians across this great state legally tie the knot! To buy a ticket, make a donation here and then  with your name and the amount you donated and we'll send you all the details and your official invite. (Please be sure to make the donation in your own name so we can cross-reference and all that.) If you have any questions, email the party people at [email protected]

deets here

Ex-gay therapist and male escort lover George Rekers Says he is not to blame for gay mans suicide...

CNN's Anderson Cooper did a report on the "Sissy Boy Experiment". In it Cooper spoke to the family of Kirk Murphy who committed suicide at age 38 in 2003. As a child when Murphy started exhibiting feminine qualities his parents enrolled him in an experimental program at UCLA to "de-gay" gay him in 1970.

The so-called Dr. who performed the therapy was none other than George Rekers the former go to expert on ex-gay therapy. Rekers has written books and has testified that conversion therapy works. Which we all know is a lie as does Rekers himself who was caught with a male escort in a Miami airport. Rekers denies that he is gay and that no sexual contact happened between him in the escort, however the escort claims he gave Rekers sexual massages and Rekers was caught on tape telling the escort to lie. I believe the escort.

During the second part of the series CNN tracked down Rekers as he was getting into his car. When the reporter told him of Murphy's suicide, Rekers claimed he was unaware of it. Murphy was the person of whom Rekers referred to as Kraig in his books. Alleging that he was cured of his homosexuality and touted by Rekers as his most successful case. Although that was the furthest from the truth.

In the clip below Rekers, whom I compare to Nazi "angel of death" doctor Josef Mengele defends the therapy and says he is not to blame for Murphy's suicide.

"I only meant to help," Rekers said. "The rationale was positive to help the children, help the parents who come to us in their distress, asking questions [like], 'what can we do to help our child be better adjusted?'"

Douchebag Of the Day: Rick Santorum...Pushing constitutional anti-gay marriage amendment..

Rick small Dick Santorum was pushing his constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage but yet said people should be allowed to do whatever they want in their homes. Well Dick in my home and in many other homes in this country people want the ability to marry whom they love.

“It’s not that we’re against anybody. People can live the life they want to live,” Santorum insisted. “They can do whatever they want to do in the privacy of their home with respect to that activity.”

“Now you’re talking about changing the laws of the country. And it’s going to have a profound impact on society, on faith, on education. Once people realize that, they say, you know what, we respect people’s right to live the life they want to lead, but don’t try to fundamentally change how society functions by changing that definition.”

Santorum, if “we lower our sights” for children by “robbing” them of their “best hope, which is a mom and a dad.”

These right-wing Republican assholes are so out of touch with our society today would you feel comfortable with them running our country? No. Because this is how dumb they are. They are pandering to the religious right to get the votes without following the polls and the shift in our country from 20 years ago. The majority of Americans today know gay people and have them as family members. Views have changed. But what I find so fascinating is that I know these dumb asses know this, but they keep thinking that the religious right holds the power in this country. However they do not anymore. they are still a force, but not the commanding force of yesteryear.

I think the example that speaks the loudest of their out of touch reality is the "protecting the children" excuse. It has started to become as laughable as the Twinkie defense. When you beat something like a dead horse people start to see through it. They begin to think twice and see that there is no validity to this argument. Especially now, with all the visibly gay and lesbian parents in the media, at their children's schools, their next-door neighbors and in their own families...

Right wingers freaking out over gay pride Old Navy shirts...

Boring old anti-gay blowhard Bryan anal Fischer is at it again. This time the nutcase is going after Old Navy for their gay pride T-shirts. 10% of the proceeds are donated to the "It Gets Better Project". Fischer says the store should be ashamed of themselves.

“This is a lifestyle of which participants ought to be ashamed,” said Bryan Fischer, the organization’s director of issue analysis, on his radio show Wednesday. “They ought to be embarrassed. They ought to be as embarrassed as Anthony Weiner is for their conduct.”

Fischer told listeners that they should visit their nearest store and “let them know you are not going to be shopping at Old Navy until they get their minds right on this deal.”
Another group The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission has join Fischer in his hate.  I highly doubt that Old Navy cares about what two groups listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as hate groups have to say. Nor do I think the majority of Americans care either.

As for ON's part their Facebook page asks consumers to show they care: “With your support, we can create a prosperous and happy future for our LGBT youth.” apparently the shirts have been selling like hot cakes.

Oh Brian give up the ghost. You're fighting a losing battle. You should be celebrating your golden years instead of obsessing over an inevitable cultural shift in our society. Let me say it one more time; YOU ARE LOSING.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department marches in Gay Pride Parade for the first time.

A first for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. They will show their support for the Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender community by marching in the pride parade on Saturday.

The uniformed officers will be riding in the department issued Humvee and have specific direction to not decorate the car, change the car in any way or add anything to their uniforms. deets here

Gay History: Stonewall

So in honor of this being Gay Pride month, I have decided that I would post a piece of gay history every day. For those who are too young to remember and for those who are too old to remember:) but mostly because we should never forget where we came from or the ones who came before us and fought for the freedoms we have today.

In the summer of 1969, the New York gay activist movement was born when a group of gay New Yorkers made a stand against raiding police officers at The Stonewall Inn, a popular gay bar in the Village. In those days, gay bars were regularly raided by the police. But on June 27, 1969, the patrons of The Stonewall Inn had had enough.

As the police raided the bar, a crowd of four hundred patrons gathered on the street outside and watched the officers arrest the bartender, the doorman, and a few drag queens.

The crowd, which eventually grew to an estimated 2000 strong, was fed up. Something about that night ignited years of anger at the way police treated gay people. Chants of “Gay Power!” echoed in the streets. Soon, beer bottles and trash cans were flying.

Police reinforcements arrived and attempted to beat the crowd away, but the angry protesters fought back.

By 4AM, it looked like it was over. But the next night, the crowd returned, even larger than the night before. For two hours, protesters rioted in the street outside of the Stonewall Inn until the police sent a riot-control squad to disperse the crowd.

On the first night alone, 13 people were arrested and four police officers were injured. At least two rioters were said to be severely beaten by the police and many more sustained injuries.

The following Wednesday, approximately 1000 protesters returned to continue the protest and march on Christopher Street. A movement had begun. deets here

For a more in-depth comprehensive look at Stonewall go here

Gay groups want Southern Baptists to apologize...

Something tells me this is a waste of time but I applaud the effort. A coalition of a LGBT Groups have banded together and created a petition that asks the Southern Baptist Convention to apologize for all their hate and harm they have promoted against the LGBT youth and people of faith. I had two friends who were Baptists well I thought they were friends until Prop 8 in California reared its ugly head. Then I found out the truth about them. You will never change these people's minds no matter how close to a gay person they are. Their  delusional beliefs and religion outweighs everything.

PHOENIX, AZ – A new coalition announced that it was starting a petition today on the GetEQUAL website (, calling on the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) to apologize for the harm its teachings are causing the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

Pointing to current teachings and ministries of the SBC, the coalition is attempting to shed light on harmful teachings and actions that individual congregations, pastors, and SBC leadership have embraced, targeting the LGBT community — particularly LGBT youth. These words and actions include everything from counseling parents to kick gay youth out of their homes to the horrifying practices of its “ex-gay” program. In fact, the Southern Baptist Convention is one of the nation’s leading promoters of the so-called “ex-gay” industry, currently being profiled by CNN as part of a three-part series called “The Sissy Boy Experiment.”

The Southern Baptist Convention will be meeting next week in Phoenix for their annual convention, and petition signatures will be delivered there.

“We call on the Southern Baptist Convention to stop misusing the Bible to promote religion-based bigotry and start recognizing the enormous pain and suffering caused by its mistreatment of LGBT people, particularly vulnerable youth,” said Dr. Jack McKinney, a former Southern Baptist minister and spokesperson for Faith in America. “History has not been kind to the Southern Baptist Convention’s record on minorities, and it is making the same awful mistake today by perpetuating abuse against gay people.” read rest after the jump.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pool Boy...

Boo: Target Will remain neutral on MN anti-gay marriage amendment

The CEO of Target Gregg Steinhafel when asked about whether or not the company would take a stand on the Minnesota anti-gay marriage amendment Bill which will be on the ballot next year, Steinhafel said the company would remain neutral.
"Our position at this particular time is that we are going to be neutral on that particular issue, as we would be on other social issues that have polarizing points of view," Steinhafel said.

"We're a retail store, we welcome everybody," he added. "We have a broad team-member base, every shape and size and color. And so we are a very inclusive organization...We're going to continue to monitor, we're going to continue to assess, and see how that develops." deets here

Now target has a history of supporting gay causes and offers domestic partner benefits to its employees. However last year they dumped $150,000 to the group MN Forward which was working to get major anti-gay bigot Tom Emmer elected governor. It failed. donating to MN Forward to me seems a bit underhanded. I think target donated to that group thinking that there donation would go unnoticed since they did not directly donate to the candidate. How they thought they could get away with that in this day and age is beyond me. 

Target later apologized but refused to donate the same amount of money to the Democratic candidate. Then claimed they have changed their policy on future donations. Here's my question.since they claim that they are remaining neutral on "social issues" then if  the ballot measure was on banning interracial marriage or marriage between two black people or the right for women to vote, would they be taking a neutral stance on those "social issues"? I highly doubt it. So even though they have supported gay causes and gay rights and offer domestic partner benefits they still believe that their gay employees and customers are not deserving of equal rights if it interferes with their political interests.

One last bit of information that I believe says it all. Lady Gaga had an exclusive partnership with Target to carry her album "Born This Way" but when the company did not make the amends to the gay community that she requested, she dissolved the partnership. Here is what she said about it below.

"Part of my deal with Target is that they have to start affiliating themselves with LGBT charity groups and begin to reform and make amends for the mistakes they've made in the past...our relationship is hinged upon their reform in the company to support the gay community and to redeem the mistakes they've made supporting those groups."

Pic of the Day....

This is too funny. One brother offers the Rangers his piggy bank if they hit his brother with a baseball.

Gov. Rick Perry Teaming up with anti-gay hate group AFA...

Texas governor Rick Perry plans to fill a football stadium with Christians to pray for solutions to the country's problems. And he’s partnering with one of the nation’s most notoriously antigay groups to launch the big event.

The American Family Association will pick up much of the bill for the rally, which will be held in August at Reliant Stadium in Houston. The organization was listed this year as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center because of a long history of spreading falsehoods about gay people, including that they are child molesters. But Perry’s spokesman used a different phrase to describe the group Tuesday. deets here

Perry better be very careful. It has long been alleged that Perry has had sexual relationships with men. There is even a story that his wife caught him in the act and was going to divorce him until he made a deal with her. The current rumor is that he is in a relationship with a male under his employment. Now of course these are just allegations however I always believe where there's smoke there's fire. We are not just talking about one  random rumor here, numerous allegations have followed him throughout the years. The truth comes out eventually and there is nothing more pleasurable than seeing anti-gay bigots fall from what they think is grace.

Google Earth Captures Giant Penises...

Lols! Ya gotta love teenagers and their penis obsessions...

A schoolboy prank which saw six giant penises burnt into the grass at a New Zealand school has been recorded for posterity… after it was photographed by Google Earth.

Teachers at Fairfield College in Hamilton had not been impressed when a series of giant phalluses started cropping up around the school.

But while they weren't able to identify the culprits, they were able to hide the phalluses - including one 60ft penis - by burning the surrounding area with weedkiller.

And that seemed fine… until the cartoon cocks recently popped up on Google Earth. It just so happened that the aerial photographs of the area had been taken while the penises were there. deets here

Fries with that shake?

AARP Launches website for gay seniors...

Awesome! We need to take care of her gay seniors. 

This is just one of the features of the new website that offers resources, human interest stories and links that allow folks 50 and older to navigate everything from dating, children and pets to grief and loss. The site also features articles on news, personal finance and travel, as well as a community forum.

“We are proud to provide diverse, expert voices on topics that are important to all Americans 50-plus, including members of the LGBT community,” says Hugh Delehanty, senior vice president and editor in chief of AARP’s media properties. “AARP understands that while all Americans 50-plus share the same goals of aging with dignity and peace of mind, each of the communities in our lives offers its own challenges, opportunities and contributions towards helping us get there.” deets here

No gay rainbows allowed at Catholic school...

These Catholic schools are so effin pathetic. Seriously, banning rainbows because they're associated with gays? Then they should ban altar boys because they are associated with their pedophile priests...

Leanne Iskander, 16, who founded the school’s “unofficial” gay-straight alliance in March, tells Xtra the Dufferin-Peel Catholic School Board put the kibosh on displaying any rainbows at their information booth.

“We brought signs and posters with rainbows, and we were told that we can’t put them up,” says Iskander, who was recently named the2011 honoured dyke and youth grand marshal. “They said rainbows are associated with Pride. There’s so many other things that a rainbow could be. It’s ridiculous.”

The teacher who delivered the news told Iskander the decision came from the board. “The board wasn’t there, but they knew about the event,” she says.

Since rainbows couldn’t be displayed openly and proudly, the students baked rainbows into the cupcakes by dying the batter in a rainbow of colours. The cupcakes were sold for 50 cents each, raising about $200 for charity.

But the students couldn’t donate the money to any gay, lesbian or trans charitable organization, such as the LGBT Youth Line. “We asked if we could donate to the money to the Youth Line and the board said no. We were told to donate to Covenant House, a Catholic homeless shelter.” deets here

Christina singing on "The Voice" last night

Christina's voice is just awesome. Here are two videos from "The Voice" last night. Christina with her girls and then with the other judges.

Alexis Colby Quote of the Day...

Oh Joan!

"When I was young, everybody on screen was gorgeous. I have to say, there aren’t that many good looking actresses around today. I mean, there’s Angelina Jolie and there’s… Angelina Jolie. Jennifer Aniston is cute, but I wouldn’t call her beautiful. She’s no Ava [Gardner] or Lana [Turner]."

Tony Perkins: " God could expose me at any moment"

Could that be for the cum guzzling leather queen you secretly may be? Or could it be for the only thing you truly are a gay hating bigot? If it's the latter well you have already exposed that yourself Tony play with my baloney Perkins.

Below Perkins talks about his love for the homosexual and the abortionist. Just remember baby, I always say that it's a hard long fall from the top.

via back2stonewall

Want to see Anthony Wiener's Weener? It's up and out!

Well we knew this was only a matter of time Anthony Wiener's cock shot has hit the Internet. Personally i am not a size queen. Look as long as it gets hard and works that is all that matters to me. The only thing I can say about it is that it looks to be about average, on more of the pencil width side and curves "to the left, to the left". If you want to see it and i know you do, go here to gawker. Suddenly Bette Midler's hilarious line from Outrageous Fortune comes to mind " Does the term needle dick the bug fucka mean anything to you?"

Main says hell no to anti-transgender bill...

Good news today for our transgender peeps in Maine. A bill that would have banned transgender people from filing complaints against public institutions and schools for not allowing them use of bathrooms and locker rooms was defeated last night. Thank God. Although I am quite surprised considering that Republicans have control of the house.

Passage of LD 1046 was rejected by the House, 61-81, in a late Tuesday night vote that saw 15 Republicans break with the Democratic minority. On Wednesday the Senate voted 11-23 against the bill's passage.

During the Senate debate Sen. Phil Bartlett, D-Gorham, said the bill was "mean-spirited" and could lead to a slew of lawsuits.

"It seems to be brought forward by the last bastion of bigotry and hatred," Bartlett said. "Let's stand up together and say no."

What people really should be worried about in bathrooms are the skanks that don't wash their hands after they relieve themselves...I was at Disney land the other day and you should have seen the amount of men that did not wash their hands. Gross.

Video: NY firefighter for gay marriage.

Long Island volunteer firefighter Mike Vissichelli, has been featured in the latest New Yorker's for gay marriage video campaign by the HRC. 
I“Loving gay and lesbian couples should be able to go to city hall and get a marriage license, nothing more, nothing less. Nothing says family like marriage.”

Vissichelli is president of FireFLAG, an advocacy group for gay and lesbian firefighters and rescue workers.

“Mike Vissichelli has dedicated his life to protecting New Yorkers," said Brian Ellner, senior New York strategist for HRC. “We appreciate his selfless service to the community and his commitment to marriage equality."

Spark up your spleaf's Connecticut... Weed just got decriminalized...

After a lengthy debate, the state House of Representatives today gave final legislative approval to a bill that decriminalizes the possession of small amounts of marijuana.

The vote was 90 to 57 in favor and came after a spirited discussion that stretched on for nearly five hours.

The bill now goes to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who immediately hailed its passage and pledged to sign it when it reaches his desk.

"Final approval of this legislation accepts the reality that the current law does more harm than good - both in the impact it has on people's lives and the burden it places on police, prosecutors and probation officers of the criminal justice system,'' Malloy said in a statement emailed to reporters moments after the vote was tallied.
deets here

Somewhere Willie Nelson is calling his Realtor...

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