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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Katy Perry's Obnoxious Tour Demands: Don't Look At Her Or Else....

Ok thesmokinggun released Katy Perry's tour demands. Now i like Katy Perry's songs but i got to tell you hearing shit like this can make me dislike someone real quick. The following are not rumors, they are in her contracts which TSG got a hold of and posted on their website. This is only a nugget and don't worry i will comment below;)

Chauffeurs, the rider notes, are not allowed to “start a conversation w/ the client.” Wheelmen are similarly barred from conversing with Perry’s guests or fans. They also are directed not to stare at the backseat through the rear view mirror. Drivers should also not “ask for autographs or pictures, and especially not while driving!” Finally, Perry’s ride should be outfitted with four water bottles (presumably in the event she forgets her Sigg).
The rider also alerts promoters that they may be required to hold back tickets for concerts so that Perry & Co. can provide the ducats to “resellers” for “distribution to the public” on the “secondary market.” In other words, Perry reserves the right to pocket some of the proceeds from the sale of tickets--not made available at face price to her fans--scalped at inflated prices by these brokers.
The quantity and location of tickets earmarked for these secondary markets will be determined by Perry’s “Personal Manager,” according to the rider.
Really no one is allowed to look at you or talk to you? Are you Cesar? Katy honey, you were born just like everyone else, you shit and pissed your diapers until you were toliet trained. I assume during your life you were taught manners, respect for others and a bit of class, but clearly they never took or you seemed to have lost them once you became "somebody" or after you achieved your GED. (thats not a dig at anyone with a GED, Its just a reference to my point of this post, everyone is equal). I'm sure if the TSG post took flight into the media, "call her miss Ross Perry" would plead the usual, "it was my handlers i had nothing to do with it". Girlfriend, get over yourself, you still wipe your ass like everyone else...You're a real Firework baby...

“OK to Say Gay” Rally in Knoxville, Tenn., Sunday

In response to Tennessee’s recently passed “Don’t Say Gay” bill, the Tennessee Equality Project and the Knoxville chapter of Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) are sponsoring an 'It's OK to Say Gay' rally Sunday at a church in Knoxville.

Devon Hicks, interim chair of the Tennessee Equality Project Foundation's Safe Schools Committee, says the rally is not about gay agendas or liberal agendas — it’s simply a matter of safety. 'No student should feel unsafe going to school,' Hicks said. 'They shouldn't have to worry about who's going to be bullying and harassing them.'" deets here

Lisa Lampanelli Makes Bank Off Of Westboro Baptist Church For Charity...

Comedian Lisa Lampanelli, who vowed to donate $1,000 to GMHC for every member of Fred Phelp’s Westboro Baptist Church who picketed her show last night in Topeka, Kansas, has said she will give $44,000 to the nation's oldest HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care services provider. deets here

Lampi is one funny bitch...Watch the video

Jockstrap Saturday...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Awesome Coke Commercial from the 70's

I was over at boyculture and found a link to this old commercial. I remember this when i was a young'n and i love it. So i will leave it as the last post for the night, wouldn't it be great if the world would adopt this mantra? Turn your speakers up loud!!!!

Update: Barnes & Noble, Borders Claim The Did not Demand Censored Magazine...

I posted recently about B&N and Borders demanding that a magazine featuring a man shirtless be censored before they would put it in their American stories. At issue was the fact that the man looked androgynous. Well reps for both companies say Hell No! They did not require that and have contacted the Advocate with their statement.

Representatives from Barnes & Noble and Borders say reports they censored an issue of Dossier Journal featuring a shirtless, androgynous male model on the cover are false.

“At no time did Borders request opaque polybags for this issue of Dossier magazine,” Stephanie Laco, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, told The Advocate in a statement.

A spokeswoman for Barnes & Noble says she doesn't understand how the rumor was started, saying, "There was absolutely no conflict." deets here

Somebody is lying but who cares as long as the censorship did not go down..

Friday Hotness...

JLo & Beyonce Have A Smack Down...

This is some funny shitz! via boyculture

New Bio Of Male Escort Claims Cary Grant and Spencer Tracy Were Customers...

Here we go with Cary Grant again. But these allegations involve Spencer Tracy also. A new book to be released next year is a bio of a Hollywood male escort who had flings allegedly with Tracy and Grant, among others. Can't wait! 

Literary agent David Kuhn confirms exclusively to EW that Grove/Atlantic president Morgan Entrekin has bought the rights to Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Lives of the Stars, Bowers’ memoir of his years spent as a bartender, confidante, and gigolo to a laundry list of showbiz icons.

 A GI who moved to Hollywood after World War II, Bowers describes how he and friends serviced actors and actresses on leave from nearby studios—using an LA gas station as their base. He says he later became an in-demand bartender who developed intimate friendships with stars like Katharine Hepburn, Montgomery Clift, and Rock Hudson, among others. Now 88 and living in L.A. with his wife of 27 years, Bowers agreed to tell his stories now that most of the celebrities he claims were friends and clients have passed away." 
deets here via advocate

Douchebag of the Day: Sen. Stacey Campfield & TN Senate Republicans...

This piece of shit! What the eff is wrong with this scumbag? You know what i always say, if you are so against something, you secretly like it! (in the ass, in this case) These douchebag's need to be stopped. Does this ignorant idiot really think not saying "gay" is going to make some one straight? If Stacy is straight, doe he think not saying "straight" will make him gay? Get a life asshole...

The state Senate approved a bill that restricts teaching about homosexuality before high school, after its main backer changed the legislation to limit its scope.

Senators voted 20-10 Friday morning to pass Senate Bill 49, known by opponents as the "Don't Say Gay" bill, after accepting a new amendment that says the measure would only ban discussion in prepared materials and instruction. Democrats opposed to the measure argued it would muddy state laws that already restrict sex education in middle and elementary school.

"We have said we should not have age inappropriate material in K through 8," said Sen. Andy Berke, D-Chattanooga. "What we're doing here is passing something just to pass it." deets here

Movie: Straw Dogs Remake: Scary Shitz...

Omg. I love thrillers and this one looks like a good one. I just saw this clip over on gawker. Straw Dogs is apparently a remake of the 1971 film that starred Dustin Hoffman which i  had never heard of. This 2011 version stars finger licking good hotties Alexander Skarsgård and James Marsden. What other reason do you need to see it? But watch the preview below....

Beer Bust...

Osama bin Laden was Gay!

Lols. I just can't! This shitz is so funny. I just saw this post over at boyculture and it made me laugh. The tabloids are just such trash. But Matt was right, they always make the bad guys out to be gay.

An aide to a congressman is anonymously quoted as saying of a meeting he had with bin Laden in the late '80s:
"He was introduced to me as 'Tim Osman,' which was the name the CIA had assigned him. He had short hair, was clean-shaven and dressed in khaki cargo pants and a Polo sweater. He was  traveling on a Turkish passport. We met to discuss the selling of U.S. Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to Afghanistan. Afterward, I took him to a restaurant where we shared a booth. His leg rubbed against mine, but I figured it was because he was so tall. When it happened a few times, I began to get the feeling he was hitting on me. Then he wet his lips and batted his eyelashes—and there was no doubt what he was after."

Civil Unions Bill Passes in Rhode Island...

The Rhode Island house of representatives passed a bill Thursday that would allow same-sex couples to enter into civil unions, which now moves to the senate for approval.

The Providence Journalreports on the 62 to 11 vote, a nod of bipartisan support for a measure that antigay groups decried as opening the door to marriage and some equality advocates dismissed as settling for second-class status. deets here

That's right, we are just unlocking the door. Next up is gay marriage. It is only a matter of time haters...I'm a little wound up today!

Douchebag Ruben Diaz Is at it again: Co-sponsors Bill To Invalidate Recognition of Gay Marriages Performed out of state...

Martin Golden a NY senator has introduced a bill that would invalidate gay marriages performed in other states. New York currently recognizes marriages valid else where. But this prick wants to change that and of course douchebag Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. has signed on as one of the co-sponsors of the bill, which does not surprise me in the least.

Senator Golden, a Republican from Brooklyn,introduced the bill with co-sponsors senator Thomas Libous, who is the deputy Republican majority leader, and senator Ruben Diaz, Sr., a Democrat and outspoken gay rights foe. The legislation has almost no chance of moving, but the main intent of the longtime marriage equality opponent appears to be symbolic.

"I am sending the message that there is some normalcy in this great state when it comes to the principled idea that marriage is between a man and a woman," said Golden, according to the New York Daily News.

Golden & Diaz should be ashamed of themselves for promoting hate and bigotry. Because that is all it is. How does recognizing same sex marriages disrupt NY? It doesn't. It all comes down to religion. So here is what i have to say to Douchebag Diaz and Gutter rat Golden, take your "Christian values" along with your bibles and shove them up you asses. I am quite sure that the bottom feeders that you two are, they will fit with no problem...

Happy Friday!!!

I hope all of you have a great weekend! Treat yourself to a cocktail & a cock! ;) 

Anti-gay Scumbag Tim Pawlenty Announcing His Run For Presidency...

This douchebag, is against the repeal of DADT and Against gay marriage or anything that is gay for that matter.

ST. PAUL, Minn. – Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, a Midwestern Republican who governed a Democratic-leaning state, is running for president and will declare his candidacy on Monday in the leadoff caucus state of Iowa, an adviser told The Associated Press.

The adviser, who disclosed the plans on the condition of anonymity in advance of next week's announcement, said Pawlenty will formally enter the race during a town hall-style event in Des Moines, Iowa.

He's choosing to make his long-expected bid official in a critical state in his path to the GOP nomination. Advisers acknowledge that Pawlenty, 50, must win or turn in a strong showing during next winter's caucuses in the neighboring state of Iowa to have any chance of becoming the Republican who will challenge President Barack Obama, a Democrat, next November. deets here

Gay Officer officer wins $1-million judgment Against LAPD...

Arrest me please! Hot.
A jury on Thursday awarded $1.1 million to a Los Angeles police sergeant and media relations spokesman who said he had been harassed and suffered retaliation after complaining that a supervisor mistreated him because he is gay.

Sgt. Ronald Crump sued the city last year, alleging that his direct supervisor at the Los Angeles Police Department Media Relations Section -- Lt. John Romero -- made derogatory remarks about his homosexuality. Romero, who has since been promoted to captain, allegedly described him as 'the new Ruby minus the heels,' in reference to the woman he replaced in the unit.

On another occasion, Romero allegedly told him, 'I was a religion major at Liberty University. Jerry Falwell would roll over in his grave if he knew I had hired you.'" deets here

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Alert!! Gay Rights Bill About To Be Overturned! Need Your Help!!!

Ok this is going to be my last post of the day because i want as many people to see this as possible, so i do not want it to get buried down my blog. This is very URGENT. John over at americablog just posted about how the below companies lobbied to get a bill approved that would over turn Nashville's civil rights protections for gays and trans people. A bill started by the religious right. On top of the that the bill also bans any CITY in Tenn. from passing civil rights laws permanently! Read below and then follow the link to sign the petition PLEASE. It only takes a second. I did it. The bill is on its way to the Gov. to be signed or vetoed...

The Tennessee Chamber of Commerce - chaired by Nissan, and whose other board members include such companies as FedEx, AT&T, Comcast, DuPont, Pfizer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Caterpillar, KPMG, Whirlpool, Embraer, Alcoa, and United HealthCare - actively lobbied for a religious right bill in the Tennessee legislature that would rescind Nashville's civil rights protections for its gay and trans citizens, and which bans every city in Tennessee from passing any civil rights laws, for anyone, ever again.

The bill passed yesterday.  It's on its way to the state's Republican governor for his signature, unless he vetoes it.

And these companies led the way in making it happen.

Joe and I just launched a campaign to pressure the governor to veto the bill, and to punish every company involved in making this bigoted legislation happen.  Please join our campaign today and sign this open letter to the companies involved. We're going to be writing a lot about this in the coming days.

Make no mistake, this was legislative gay-bashing at its worst.  The legislation was crafted by the religious right in order to repeal Nashville's new ordinance protecting gay and trans residents from discrimination.  Apparently not discriminating against their gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees was just too much to ask from FedEx, AT&T, Comcast, DuPont, Pfizer, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Caterpillar, KPMG. Whirlpool, Embraer, Alcoa, and United HealthCare.  According to the TN chamber of commerce, of which they all site on the board, abiding by such protections would be too much of an "additional burden."

Again, sign the petition here

Gays Are Busting Down The Locker Doors In Sports!!!

Jared Max

Scott Norton
Omg. The gays are a comin', the gays are a comin'!...What a week it has been for those locker room doors flying open. Four men involved in professional sports left the fear behind in order to stand up and be proud. Love it. But let me say that these men were not in the closet in their personal lives, just publicly.  First we had Phoenix Suns CEO Rick Welts,  fmr. Villanova basketball player Will Sheridan, now we have ESPN reporter Jared Max and professional bowler Scott Norton....I think this is awesome. Power in numbers...Who is next? Who cares, just come out, we need you!

Veteran NY sports reporter Jared Max revealed to his ESPN-1050 listeners yesterday that he was gay. Max is the third prominent person in the sports world to come out of the closet in recent weeks; while discussing whether fans would accept gay sports stars, he made his pronouncement: "I am gay. Yeah, Jared Max the sports guy with one of the most familiar voices in New York sports isn't quite like the majority."

He prefaced that by saying: "Are we ready to have our sports information delivered by someone who is gay? We're going to find out. Because for the last 16 years I've been living a free life among all my close friends and family. But I've been living behind what is a gargantuan size secret in the sports world." deets here

Bowler Scott Norton said this:

"I am very proud and happy with who I am and who I have become as a person," he added, "and I would hope that this will empower other gay athletes – past, present, or future – to come to terms with the truth about who they are and love themselves for who they are." deets here

Arnold Schwarzenegger: "Some Queer"

During a 2003 encounter a journalist was at the spermanator's house during the Golden Globes telecast and reports that Arnold made a derogatory comment about gays. 

The governor gave me a Cuban cigar (considered illegal contraband under the Trading with the Enemy Act). He poured me Scotch. And then we sat down with the children to watch the red carpet show. Baena sat behind us on a stool at the counter. My wife sat stiffly next to me.

On the television, a starlet pranced down the carpet. The bottom half of her dress looked like the bottom half of an ostrich. The top of the dress was nothing more than two straps criss-crossing her breasts. Schwarzenegger, fresh off his groping scandal -- and with an East Coast reporter sitting in his living room no less -- barked out: “Look at her! Some queer told her she looks good in that but her t--s look like s--t!” deets here

Why is this even being repeated? 2003? Hello. Besides the fact that i do not think Arnie is homophobic, hell Prop 8. Need i say more...

Praise Jesus...

Accusations That Pro Gay Marriage Organisation Actually Worked To Prevent Passage of Bill In RI..

Did members of the organization leading efforts to bring nuptials for same-sex couples to Rhode Island actually work with Democratic officials to prevent the passage of a marriage equality bill this year?

A number of sources who asked to remain anonymous have come forward to make these allegations.

"The votes were there in February to get (the marriage bill) out of committee, but Gordon [Fox] refused to let the committee vote on it," said "Alex", another source who wished to remain anonymous who claims to have direct knowledge of these secret meetings. "MERI posted on their Facebook page to have supporters call Gordon [Fox] and request that he let the committee members vote and then the takeover started. The secret group met on Monday, Feb. 14, and contacted the board on Tuesday, Feb. 15. On Wednesday, Feb. 16, MERI board members met with representatives from the secret group." deets here

Nothing would surprise me in the least. Politics are a dirty game.

Rev. Speaks Out Against Anti-Gay Amendment In N.C.

This is what we need to see more of. Rev. Dr. T. Anthony Spearman gave an impassioned speech against a North Carolina anti-gay amendment. via americablog

Hottie strips down on Australia's Got Talent.

I hope this happens on the American version of X factor next fall. Dylan Yeadle a contestant on Australia's got talent, stripped down to his Daisy Dukes while performing the song "sex bomb". This song was nothing to listen to but who was? The guy was hot! I love at the end how one of the judges asked him if he stuffed a stock in his crotch and he simply answered, no.

Rhode Island Bishop Urges Reps To Vote Against Civil Unions...

The Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence is calling on Rhode Island lawmakers to reject a proposal to allow gay couples to enter into civil unions.

Bishop Thomas J. Tobin released a statement Wednesday saying that civil unions are objectionable because they are a gateway to gay marriage. deets here

Sometimes the only thing I have to say is, suck it bitch....oh wait, I do have something to say, he's right civil unions are a gateway to a marriage just like the priesthood is a gateway to pedophilia... You know I could not resist. ;)

Dems Push Republicans On DOMA Defense Funds...

Democrats are seeking answers from John boner breath Boehner on the budget for the defense on DOMA. Gay hater Boehner may want to get out his kerchief because the water works maybe coming.

More Congressional Democrats are pressing House Speaker John Boehner for answers on the leadership’s planned legal defense of the Defense of Marriage Act.

In a Wednesday letter, three members of the Committee on House Administration — Ranking member Robert A. Brady of Pennsylvania, and Reps. Zoe Lofgren and Charles Gonzalez — asked for information on a contract signed by the House general counsel and former solicitor general Paul Clement, who left his previous firm, King & Spaulding, after it abruptly withdrew from the litigation last month." deets here

Karen Walker: You're Out Of Vodka...

Douchebag of the Day: Bryan Fischer, Homosexuals are "Nazis"

American Family Association's Bryan Fischer compared gays to Nazis. You can hear his hate speech below. ps. Newt Gingrich who just announced his presidency, appeared on Fischer's show recently vowing that he will do what ever he can to stop the homosexual agenda...Good luck with that one...

"I mean, ladies and gentlemen, they are Nazis. Homosexual activists, when it comes to freedom of speech, are Nazis. When it comes to freedom of religion, they are Nazis. There is no room in their world dissent, there is no room in their world for disagreement, there is no room in their world for criticism. You criticize homosexual behavior, they tag you as a bigot and a homophobe and then they got to work to silence you just like the Roman Catholic Church did in the days of Galileo - it's no different; it's the Spanish Inquisition all over again."

Fischer is right about one thing, we give no room for discrimination. NONE. We work to get the laws changed and to expose the hate and discrimination that people like him fuel. When you are talking about equal rights, there is no such thing as disagreement.

PeJazzle Your Penis...

With gay pride month right around the corner, this could not come at a better time. The gays and metros will be rocking this. I can just see it now, there will be crystal penises and butthole trails everywhere...Hot!

Following on from the almost cult-level success of the 'vajazzle' comes its evil twin brother, the 'pejazzle'.

Vajazzling - the decoration of the female nether regions with Swarovski crystals.

As a result, the online supplier of the crystal designs has responded by designing a range of stick-on crystals just for men, named Pejazzles.

And who better than to launch the range than TOWIE star, club promoter and self-confessed Pejazzler, Mark Wright.

Mark is, he says, 'keen to speak out' for the growing number of men he claims are Pejazzling.

He advises users shave the hair before applying the crystals, or for the 'very hairy', a judicious waxing or laser session could be necessary.

For those feeling understandably reticent, Mark insists it's not only the nether regions that can be decorated with crystals. full deets here

Ted Nugent: Man On Man Sex Repulses Him...

You know there is no love lost between Nugent and myself, but Teddy was on Piers Morgan last night and gave his views on homosexuality:

If his son was gay, he would say "get the gun, let's go kill a deer." "I'm repulsed at the concept of man-on-man sex, I think it's against nature, I think it's strange as hell, but if that's what you are , I love ya," he said.

Classy. You know what i always say about people who are so REPULSED by gay sex. ;) But i will say this, Teddy did say the fact that someone is gay, is inconsequential to him and that he does not judge other people. He also said he has gay friends. But doesn't everyone who is homophobic say that? They think it justifies and validates them not being one. He did sound sincere! lols. Not that i am turning a blind eye to the homophobic op ed rant he wrote...

Jeff Conaway In A Coma After A Possibly Overdose...

Jeff Conaway, former star of Taxi andGrease, is in a coma following a drug overdose, possibly from pain pills, his manager told the Associated press.

Phil Brock said the 60-year-old actor was found unconscious May 11. He is hospitalized in critical condition. deets here

Conaway played Kenickie in one of my all time favorite movies, Grease. So sad, i wish him the best...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh My God...

Circumcision Ban Heading to S.F. Voters...

Here is the deal, i think this is so wrong. I personally against circumcision, it is unnecessary. I link this with argument to abortion, you can not tell people what to do. If you don't want to circumcise your child then don't do it, but just because you don't like it, your view should not infringe on another person choice. Period. Why can't people get this shit through their heads? I cant even believe this is on the ballot...
A November ballot initiative will ask San Francisco voters if they want to ban circumcision procedures in their city.

The effort to criminalize circumcision is being led by gay San Franciscan Lloyd Schofield, who believes the procedure is barbaric and dangerous, referring to it as "male genital mutilation." Schofield gathered the necessary signatures needed to place it on San Francisco's ballot for the November 8 municipal election, CNN reports. Should San Francisco approve the ban, anyone found performing the procedure could go to jail and face a fine — there would be no religious exemptions. deets here

Woman Gets Kicked Off of Train For Talking On Cell phone & Charged!

Love this story! This should happen all the time!!

A woman who was escorted off an Amtrak train by police this weekend after she allegedly refused to stop talking loudly on her cell-phone has the Internet cheering her fate.

Civilians and quiet-car champions are supporting her ejection for violating policy at high volume during the 16-hour journey. It doesn't help her cause that she became belligerent when confronted about it by one of her fellow passengers.

KOMO News reports that Lakeysha Beard says she felt "disrespected" by the incident, though passengers said it was Beard who was being rude by refusing to stop yapping while sitting in one of the train's designated quiet cars. She had not stopped talking since the train pulled out of Oakland, California, 16 hours before it reached Salem, Oregon, when a passenger confronted her about the talking. That's when Beard got "aggressive," KATU reports, and conductors stopped the train so that police could remove her and charge her with disorderly conduct. deets here

What an ignorant, self absorbed bitch. I love how she felt "disrespected" when she had absolutely no respect for the passengers around here while she was yapping her loud ass mouth on the phone. And i could only imagine the conversation, I'm sure it was all trash. Lakeysha, let me tell you first hand because clearly no one has, nobody cares about your personal life and trash behavior, so shut up...

"Only Gay In The World" Music Video To Rihanna Only Girl Parody

Love it. The guy in leather in the beginning, is smoking hot! I think his name is Anthony Saldana, at least thats what the credits say....

Sen. Tom Udall Supports DOMA Repeal

Sen. Tom Udall of New Mexico is the latest senator to support repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act, the Calif.-based LGBT advocacy group Courage Campaign announced on Tuesday.

Udall is the 24th sponsor of the senate bill, introduced in March by Calif. senator Dianne Feinstein, that would repeal the 1996 law prohibiting federal recognition of same-sex marriages. deets here

Soccer Ball...

Question: Do you Still write checks in Stores??

I was at the grocery store yesterday and the woman in front of me was writing a check and  I have to admit I was getting a bit annoyed because of how long it took. The drivers license, writing on the check, the cashier having to verify and run it through the cash register. It was a bit painstaking! Lols...Didn't the invention of debit cards replace check writing for the most part at least in stores? Between debit cards and online banking, I never write checks...

Douchebag of the Day: Kirk Cameron does not believe in gay marriage...

I was reading a TMZ post about Kirk Cameron saying that Stephen Hawking was wrong about the non-existence of heaven. He said Hawking had no "scientific proof", but does he? Anyway I did a little Google search and came up with this gem. Back in 2008 at the height of Prop 8, Cameron sat down with Bill O'Reilly to give his take on gay marriage. Of course the Bible beater believes that marriage is for one man and one woman only. Even though this clip is a few years old, it's still worth watching. I can't stand these self righteous pricks. "Show me that smile" Kirk...

Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Leonard, Reveals He Was Molested By a Boxing Coach As A Teen...

Legendary fighter Sugar Ray Leonard says he was molested by a "prominent Olympic boxing coach" back when he was 15 years old ... and says the incident has "haunted me for life."

Leonard reveals his story in his upcoming biography, "The Big Fight: My Life In and Out of the Ring’ -- in which he explains the coach "unzipped my pants and put his hand, then mouth, on an area that has haunted me for life." 

He continues, "I didn't scream. I didn’t look at him. I just opened the door and ran." via TMZ

Oprah's star-studded goodbye....

Here are some shots from two of the final tapings of Oprah. For the last two nights the stars have rolled in to Chicago to bid farewell to the Queen of talk...
via boyculture  photos Gregory Pace

Help Get Anti-Gay Harvey Milk Video Banned From Youtube...

I just saw this over at back2stonewall and i agree this stuff needs to be stopped. Follow the directions below to get this video banned from Youtube...

The anti-gay "christian" group SAVE CALIFORNIA has placed a video on YouTube denoucing Harvey Milk Day which is full of venom and lies.

Enough of this bullshit!

YouTube has a responsibility to remove videos with hateful content. 

Everyone take one minute and PLEASE go to the link below and FLAG this video


Then at "Please indicate the group attacked" - CHOOSE SEXUAL ORIENTATION

And let YouTube know that they have a responsibility to keep this lying hateful garbage off their site!

Funny Video: Gay Protester Goes Rip Taylor on Newt Gingrich...

Lols. I wouldn't have personally wasted the good glitter on such a piece of shitz, but this is hysterical. Somewhere Rip Taylor is a proud papa...

Civil Unions Bill Clears R.I. House Panel...

The Associated Pressreports that the committee approved the bill by a 9 to 3 vote.

“The bill would allow gay couples to enter into civil unions granting all of the rights and benefits given to married couples under Rhode Island law, but stops short of sanctioning marriage. The proposal was introduced as a compromise after legislative leaders said gay marriage legislation lacked the votes to pass this year,” reports the AP.

However, marriage equality advocates, unhappy about the second-class status conferred by civil unions, plan to make a last-minute push to replace the bill with a proposal to grant full marriage rights. Antigay critics, such as the National Organization for Marriage, also oppose the bill because they consider civil unions a stepping stone to granting marriage equality.

This is what is so effed up, the bill allows for the same rights as married couples but it just can't be called marriage. This all comes down to a name. How stupid are people. Stupidity and discrimination is insane.

White Supremacist Sentenced In Attack Outside Gay Bar...

Kentucky Enquirer
Pretty picture don't ya think?Wtf? I love tattoo's, i have a few myself but girlfriend, looks like an idiot. Love the fuchsia blouse though...

A Kentucky judge on Tuesday ruled that a white supremacist had committed a hate crime when he attacked four people last year outside a gay-friendly bar.

Devlin Burke had only two words to say after Judge Patricia Summe sentenced him to 17 years in prison: “Sieg heil” — a German phrase that translates to “hail victory,” and commonly accompanied by the Nazi salute. deets here

NY Bar Groups Support Gay Marriage

NYLJ Photo/Rick Kopstein

City Bar President Samuel W. Seymour addresses a news conference yesterday where 18 New York bar groups came out to support a bill that would recognize same-sex marriages in the state (NYLJ, May 17).

In their remarks at the city bar's 44th Street headquarters, Mr. Seymour, of Sullivan & Cromwell, and other bar leaders focused on the legal disadvantages faced by unmarried same-sex couples and called civil unions "not an acceptable substitute for marriages."

"Civil unions impose second-class status on a whole category of people, and the people of New York deserve better than that," he said, adding that the bar groups would not support a law allowing only civil unions. The bar groups, Mr. Seymour said, believe that politically the "time is right" for same-sex marriage legislation to pass in Albany. deets here

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So Long Ming MIng: Words Oldest Panda Dies...

According to the news from the China Panda Protection Center in Sichuan Province, the 34-year-old Ming Ming, the oldest panda in the world, has died, with the official cause given as old age.

The female panda was rescued in Pingwu county, Sichuan Province in 1977, and sent to Xiangjiang Wild Animal World in Panyu, Guangdong Province on March 31, 1998. deets here
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